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Miyuu Yamamoto's opponent for the opening round is Irene Rivera from Spain. She was selected to participate in the TUF show and is a high level fighter. She is now 100% healed from an injury caused by an accident, and looks to bring her A game against Miyuu.
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Alyssa Garcia made an impressive RIZIN debut when she defeated Kanna Asakura last year. Her opponent will be current Angel's & Fights champion, Maria Oliveira who has nick nick name of being the woman version of Anderson Silva. She has 6KO victories which proves how dangerous her striking game is.
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Tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 10 am, Japan time. Nothing can beat the live experience. Please come to the Marine Messe Fukuoka to experience the RIZIN atmosphere. For those living abroad, tickets can be purchased at
8月19日(土) 19:35〜
FM NACK5「FIGHTING RADIO RIZIN!!」は、ゲストに北岡悟選手、佐伯繁さんをお迎えしてお送りします。
ぜひお聴きください! 【番組概要】
放送局 :FM NACK5(周波数:79.5MHz)
放送日 :8月19日(土)
ゲスト :北岡悟、佐伯繁

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日本の格闘技界の未来を託す事もイメージして、アーセン選手のRIZIN GP出場を決めました。1回戦の対戦相手は、KOP/Invictus Promotion王者のマネル・ケイプ選手です。身体能力が異様に高く、その瞬発力と爆発力は脅威です。まさにミニ・クレージー・ホースです。ご期待ください。
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I have decided to give Erson a spot in the GP to shed some light to the future of Japanese MMA industry. His opponent for the first round will be KOP and Invictus promotion champion Manel Kape. Manel's athleticism and explosiveness is something we have never seen, and unpredictable. Keep an eye out for this fight.
石渡選手の対戦相手は、ロシアのFIGHT NIGHT GLOBALのカミル代表が絶対の自信を持って送り出す5戦0敗の超新星アクメッド・ムサカエフ選手です。石渡選手が目指す堀口選手にへのリベンジを果たしてのRIZIN GP優勝という野望に1回戦でいきなり待ったをかける可能もある強豪です。
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Ishiwatari's opponent will be an undefeated Russian prospect from Fight Nights Global. Akhmed Musakaev looks to stop Ishiwatari from getting his revenge against Horiguchi from 4 years ago.
We held a press conference for the Fukuoka event at Smyperfect TV Headquarters. Please visit our official website for further details. 
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福岡の街を背景した「RIZIN 2017 in FUKUOKA -秋の陣-」 ポスターが完成しました!
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RIZIN 2017 in FUKUOKA Aki no Jin poster is revealed! It was created with the Fukuoka city's image.
Horiguchi stopped by the office and signed one of the RIZIN gloves. I would like to give this away to one of my SNS followers.
2 months until the Fukuoka event. Keep your eyes on the Aki no Jin event! 
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#rizinff #rizin2017 
RIZIN, and RENA's journey in becoming the first ever women's Grad-Prix champion has begun. Make sure to witness RENA's journey and challenge in becoming the icon of women's combat sports!
8月26日(土)新宿FACEで開催されるDEEP JEWELSは今までとは違う緊張感に包まれると思います。賞金総額1,000万円が懸った、RENA選手が待つRIZINグランプリの出場権を賭けて石岡沙織選手と浅倉カンナ選手が激突します。文字通りサドンデスな一戦は一見の価値有りです。
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The atmosphere for the DEEP JEWELS event on August 26th will be nothing but tense. Satoru Ishioka and Kanna Asakura will face each other to determine who will be entering the Super Atomweight GP where the total amount of 10 million yen and RENA awaits. The outcome of this fight will affect both fighters' career tremendously.