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To see the world transformed BY Jesus Christ through coaches and athletes and all they influence. #northwestwifca

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Let's start of 2019 right!! Download the YouVersion Bible app and search FCA Strong in the app. Ya boi Jonny P is going to start doing daily story vlogs with his takeaways/insights to the devotionals! Let's do this together ya'll!!
The Draper family is ready to rock with JonnyP for Zach!!! #sundayeve #zachstrong #fcastrong #cookies
Any body got any favorite driving tunes?
Fall Creek HS FCA... JonnyP and Drapes makin' the rounds! Lesson on our most valuable asset: our Character. All of Dick Krueger's cookies got eaten reeeeal fast.
ElevaStrum FCA has two of my best friends in the world leading it (Stowell & Romeo) and a long time ES servant (JBG) AND the most ridiculous spread of food! Great lesson today on generosity. -Draper
@fca_chi_hi !!!!! Wow!! Breakfast + student lead worship + small groups!!! This was a GREAT way to start the day!! Plus I got to help Rachel get in the Christmas spirit by helping decorate her office!! I love this Chippewa huddle!
Oh neat... You don't have school today boys? #CanDayManDay South FCA boys (Draper's nephew) Grant and family friend Braedyn helping earn FCA Camp Scholarships. (And a lil cash and Culver's).
Holy. Smokes. What just happened?!?!? Honestly this was THE DOPEST Fields of Faith we've done. I'm just so blessed to do this AS A JOB for a God who just keeps showing up!! Thank you to all the student who came. You are LOVED by a GOD who wants a relationship with YOU. He sent Jesus to earth to die on a cross and have the worst day so He can be with you on yours. He's real. He loves you.

I'm so hyped right now. High fives for everyone. ♥️Jonny P
I just needed a photo so the insta grid was in a group of 3. This is me and @craiggross from summer camp. He was dope.
Believe it or not, your NW WI staff spent the last 3 days in a retreat and it was INCREDIBLE!!! This was the most beneficial retreat in establishing the framework for doing the ministry we want to be doing. Get ready. 
And yes. Those are lighting compression tights. #ibringthethunder