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I've wanted to try this facemask for ages but couldn't justify the price tag, so when my boyfriend offered to treat me to a pot for Christmas, I was delighted! It's simply gorgeous, smells lovely and leaves my skin feeling soft and cared for. I've been using it since Boxing Day and I've noticed a real difference in the condition of my skin 🌿
So weather put a literal rain-check on my plans today. What was going to be a brisk afternoon walk finished in a quaint coffee shop turned into a day in IKEA (my favourite place) followed by a creamy hazelnut latte at Starbucks. Bless my boyfriend for putting up with me getting excited at designing my dream house 🏡
No, your eyes are not deceiving you: I'm actually doing some blog work today! 😱 I've had a whole list of things I wanted to get done today, but all I've managed to do so far is tidy up the enormous mess my bedroom was in and watch a hell of a lot of The Walking Dead. I'm finally settled with my laptop, a cup of tea and scraps of paper flying everywhere and I'm ready to get started ✨
Another generic floral filler photo, fight me 🙅🏻‍♀️
Work has been absolutely manic today. I'm starting to appreciate why GP receptionists always come across so grumpy!! Who else is looking forward to the weekend?
My day off this week has so far consisted of a leisurely early morning swim and a cheese scone brunch at @thebottlekiln (featuring a couple of yummy Bailey's lattes to warm us up) with my bestie 🌻 .
Also on my agenda are the more boring tasks of doing a wash load of clothes, hoovering my car, tidying my bedroom and walking to the post office to return a parcel (and hopefully cram a good chunk of my step count target in!) .
What is on your to-do list today?
Happy to be starting 2019 in one of my favourite places ✨
Looking back, it's not been that bad a year, has it? I think you tend to remember the bad things; for me it was a break up, struggling with my mental health, feeling bullied in my job and being unemployed as a result. But there was lots of good things in between! I've had some really great blog opportunities (exclusive invitations to events like the Nottingham Gin Festival, events at @intuderby, collaborations with brands such as @jewelleryboxuk, @bluebananauk and @lolamakeup, and my first PAID blog post for @panasonicusa!!) and have done some really fun things with my blog as a result. 2018 was also the year I had a well-needed break in Greece with my best friend, dyed my hair blonde, left a job that was sapping away at my happiness, finally went to therapy to help me with my depression and anxiety, met one of the most brilliant and supportive people in my life and nearly fell over myself when he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I'm kind of happy to leave 2018 behind, as I am every year, but I'll be bringing these achievements with me ✨
Currently en route to Looe with my brother at the wheel and his girlfriend curled up at the back. We had to stop off at some services in Gloucester because yours truly downed a hazelnut latte and a litre of water within the first 30 minutes of the journey because of course I did, and look how pretty!! The Farmshop had so many lovely things on sale, I couldn't resist getting a pretty little bottle of Bath Distillery gin and a honey bee lip balm with some of my Christmas money 🐝 only 139 miles to go! ✨🌙
A belated HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all of you who celebrated! I hope everyone enjoyed the day in their own unique way, whether that was having a big party, a quiet day with family, or spending some quality time with yourself ✨
I've been extremely lucky this year. I spent Christmas Day with my family and Boxing Day with my boyfriend, and I've been utterly spoilt by them all -- not necessarily in the amount of gifts or money spent, but in the generosity and thought put into finding a present I'd really appreciate. I'm lucky to have these lovely people 💖
How did you spend your Christmas?
My take on an Instagrammable bath featuring seasonal Baileys✨ (out of shot: Cinderella shower cap, extra loo roll, sticky shampoo bottles and that old electric toothbrush that nobody's thrown away yet)
A little late night/early morning reminder to those who may need it 🌼 #pinterest
@pinterest 📌
WORK TALK (peep the NHS logo -- ya gal's got a lanyard) ✨ .
So I'm in the third week of my new job and I think I'm starting to get to grips with things. It's so lovely to be working again (I was out of work for a few months after having to leave my previous job because of my mental health) and I'm in a better sleeping pattern and eating slightly better and obviously moving around more so I'm feeling better in myself. It's also lovely to be working for an organisation like the NHS because it feels rewarding, even though I'm in probably one of the least influential roles! The people I'm working with are all lovely and I feel part of the team already. Although I liked elements of my old job (namely the friends I made) it goes to show the differences in the lengths certain teams will go to make you feel welcome there. Overall, things seem to be coming up rosy ✨