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“WHAT IF” ⚡️
A @netflix original series coming to a TV near you May 24th. BINGE ☠️👠
Post, and then delete the Instagram app! It’s like crop dusting a room and then bolting. Feels good. (Don’t worry, like all gas, you’ll be back.)
Thot bird over there. #stayfresh #bird
If you dig creepy movies, check out Mercy Black on Netflix! We shot this @blumhouse baby in Texas over a year ago and I had a blast. I loved the crew in Austin, plus I got to hang and geek out with the hilarious Janeane Garofalo. (Our movie is NOT a comedy...) Directed by @owen_egerton 💀🖤
STOKED 💜💫 #fayevalentine #cowboybebop
“I think it's time we blow this scene...Get everybody and the stuff together.....” #cowboybebop @netflix
Just wrapped an ep of #dreamcorpllc on adult swim. Directed by @danielstessen I had to receive medical treatment from almost laughing myself to death. 🖤💙
Garçon, lower me into the pool and bring me my metamucil. 💩🌾
What one woman considers low hanging trash humor is another disturbed woman’s treasure.
It’s international women’s day. Ladies, GO OUT AND GET YOU DAT SKRILLA. NEGOTIATE. Nab that RAISE. Don’t let them haters low ball you. WERK so you can GET THEM NEW TITTIES! Cause you deserve it! 💸💸💸💸 #titties