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Tonight is the first night in 11 days that I'm not living out of a suitcase or waking up in a hotel. I am happy. This is my exhausted happy face. I ordered Thai food and have #GoT ready to play. What do y'all think is gonna happen at the end of this season 😳
Don't think it's possible for me to love a single place on this planet more than I love the @belmont_hotel_dallas. I'll see y'all in a month 😉 #NoFilterNeeded #DatDallasGlow
I was gonna write something heartfelt, but in the middle of my post you told me to put my Fucking phone down and pay attention to the movie we're watching, so I hope you get indigestion. Happy birthday.
Thinkin' bout how long @fogodechaobr will let me keep my card green
@jeffsolochive caught us @jordyn_ryder #whitegirldancing
Dally ♥️
And we're the three best friends that anyone could have
My little heaven on earth @belmont_hotel_dallas
That feeling when you see a few open days in your schedule and immediately start to plan a trip back to DC... how about I come crash @publicbar_dupont's NFL kickoff night 🤔 who do y'all have winning that game? Chiefs (lol) or Patriots?
#TBT to last Thursday. I miss you 😭 @lindsaymarieray
Looking at where August went like
♥️👙👓 @thestandard @warbyparker