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Nourishing the tummies and souls of my 2 little Byron Bay mermaids 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🌈✨

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And earlier today... who hates people taking photos of them? Me! 🤚🏻
Thanks for forcing me into the shot. Nice one 📷@kerri_ossip 😘
Fast food breakfast. For those mornings we have have to get up and go, go, go! #fastfood #jerf
#littlenourishboxes from this morning...
•Raw fruit & veggie pieces.
•Soba noodles, with a little teriyaki sauce.
•Homemade sesame snaps.
•Choc Puddings (banana, avo, cacao & yoghurt) with Berries stacked on top.
•Homemade seedy rice crackers with cheese chunks.
•Banana + Carrot Muffin (that didn't make the edit 📸🙈) 💚
Late night baking for school lunches tomorrow. Banana+ Carrot Muffins and Sesame Snaps. #madwithlove 😙
My clever cousin wrote a book! Just in time for summer! ☀️💪🏻💛 SO much great stuff in here. Pre-order yours now and order a few extras for a fab Chrissy pressie! Link in my bio 👆🏻 @teganhaining xoxo (Or link for her eBook:
https://itunes.apple.com/au/book/the-7-day-quickie/id1280836795?mt=11 )
#7dayquickie #teganhainingpt #athomeworkout #workouts #healthyrecipes #flatstomach #fitforlife
Coz all the greens and the orange are grown in my garden (and the kefir is grown in my kitchen ☺️). A nourishing little jar of goodness for Mama - haven't tried this one on the kids yet. My 3yo would probably guzzle it down and then ask to have mine and the toddler would throw it on the floor without even trying it (because it's green). So Mama's gonna keep this one to herself! 👉🏻I used:
1 large Spinach leaf
1 orange, peeled
1 sprig mint
1 sprig parsley 
1 handful oregano 
1/2 cucumber 
1/2 cup water kefir
1 tbs coconut cream
1 egg (totally optional if raw egg freaks you out 😬try a scoop of protein instead).
If you have a sweet tooth you can add a little honey to your liking. 💚#greensmoothie
Homemade, sea-salted butter and homemade seedy, quinoa & rice crackers 💛
Someone please come and stop me before I eat the whole lot! #mmmbutter
Fresh Rhubarb from the garden for Apple and Rhubarb Muffins in tomorrow's #littlenourishboxes ❤️💚
Gluten free, refined sugar free and nut-free! Perfect for a cheeky lunch box snack 👍🏻#littlenourishboxes
▪️Also; swapped out the Golden Syrup for Blackstrap Molasses - half the sugar and double the vitamins and minerals 💪🏻
Mushroom Arancini balls. Veggie pieces and beetroot dip. Fresh fruit. Gluten free muffins. Chia banana yoghurt. Cheese n crackers and a cheeky bit of popcorn.  Lookout pre-schoolers 🍎 #littlenourishboxes
"Dip" makes everything taste better (even if it's just plain yoghurt 😁)
It's all about the Beets 💜
Mini beetroot-cacao muffins; glazed with rice malt syrup and coconut oil, dusted with @wildforlife Sweet Earth 🌏💜Super moist, tasty little treats. Gluten-free, nut-free and vegan 🌱Ready for some #littlenourishboxes this week