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My name is Ingeborg and I'm from Norway. I make doodles and comics ⭐️

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Things people might find useful for christmas🌲💌 #card #drawing
I hope everyone is handling this certain time of the year well, and try to not stress themselves out too much. And don't be like me and draw silly stuff instead of doing important things. Yeah. #drawing #oc #sigrid
Prints to be sold at the christmas market this weekend 🌸🎄 #art #print
The bird's name is Heidi. It says rude things to strangers.🌲🌿🕊 #doodle #drawing
Got lots of stuff to do rn. Like listening to christmas songs and procastinate work! ⚡️💪🏻 #drawing #oc #art
Screenprinted backpack-totebags this weekend! Screenprinting on textile was difficult, but I managed to make two different prints! 🌙 #screenprinting #totebag
Collection of things that you might find cute. #drawing #things
This autum I got a ten page long comic published! It's in a comic anthology with the theme "war". ⚡️
My story is about an incident that happened during world war ll + a lot of nonsense as well⚡️I learned a lot, and met people that are a lot cooler than me, and that I really admire for their skills! Comics are hard to make. Like, really, really  R E A L L Y hard, but this was a great start for me! I will continue to work even harder to reach my goals. The comic is published by @uberare and is called "über Krig". If you live in Norway I belive you can find on Outland and on various comic expos ⚡️⚡️#woah! #comic
It has been a long week, but also a good one. ⚡️✨ I hope everyone is doing well💕 #doodle #oc #drawing
The Zines are done and so am I. #fanzine #babf2016 #ocs #conceptart
Soon done with printing the fanzines! ⚡️ 28 pages with character design! I will be selling It it on Bergen Art Book Fair this weekend! ⚡️💪🏻 #fanzine #wip #drawing
Hello to all new followers and thank you to all my old! Your comments and likes truly means a lot! 🚲  Have a great day/ evening! ❤️⚡️ #oc #sigrid #drawing