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D E C E A S E D By @iamnewagetakeover featuring @nunciosound (me) x @siame8e link in that bio. You already know that.
“DECEASED” by @iamnewagetakeover feat. @nunciosound & @siame8e now on #applemusic  x #spotify 🔥🤘🏼
Have you heard the new single by @iamnewagetakeover featuring myself and @siame8e ? 🔥
I’ve been MIA as of late on new music. I’ve been working on the @nunciox  dream@and now I’m finally in a position to make music! Go check the link in the bio for the collab I did with my brothers @iamnewagetakeover (poetry) & @siame8e (guitar, producing, engineering) I’m ready to WORK.  S/o to the @newageathletics & @nunciox team 🔥🔥#24plus
Sang my heart out because now truly this life is “All for Me”Last night performance at the @metroalehouse hosted by 🔥
Much love @californian_goddess 🙏🏻 #nuncio t-shirt spotted
Saturday I witnessed my favorite rise to fame blues rock band just show it how it’s done. @blackpistolfire 🔥Ima learn how to play the guitar damnit! #blackpistolfire
Performing Sunday for the cause! @metroalehouse stop by and feel me.
Tomorrow 🔥 I will be hitting the stage as the 1st official appearance of year two & as apart Of the collective group #yearofthewolf
Today marks one exact year of my return to music. I’ve done so much in one year. • Released My 1st Single “All for Me”
• Received a Award for my single @ugmusicreview • Released my 2nd Single “Invisible”
• Dropped my Debut Ep “Nebulous” on my birthday June 9th
• Collaborated for the 1st time with a artist from across the country
• Started this Buisness @nunciox • Met so many bands and artists • To here working with 
Lord knows he put me here for music. And I know in my heart it’s where I want to be. It’s just only begun. Thank you 🙏🏻
A whole lot of gang shit 🤡
Have you heard of my company @nunciox ??? BIG THINGS in the works! Something I am very proud of that I have been like a hermit crab working on. A one stop shop for musicians and creatives and people who want to BREAK out, but don't know where to start. Follow me there and see what I've been up too!