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New York just became the second state to pass a statewide ban on single-use plastic shopping bags— a huge step in the fight against climate change and fossil fuels.
Electric vehicles in NYC’s fleet have already led to big savings in maintenance costs and GHG emissions. Now the City is making our fleet even greener by removing at least 1000 vehicles & replacing at least 250 SUVs with electric sedans.
#NYC has a worldwide reputation for having the champagne of drinking water. For #worldwaterday learn how NYC gets its water and why it’s just so good!
Let’s. #climatestrike #youthclimatestrike
LISTEN TO THE KIDS, BRO!!#youthclimatestrike #climatestrike
Outreach and community input are big parts of #OneNYC. On 3/1 we hit up @bxhealthreach to discuss the #OneNYC strategy with the people of the Bronx!
Starting today, all public schools in NYC will be instituting Meatless Mondays. That’s 950,000 more meals every week that won’t include meat— a major step towards reducing carbon and improving health.
“I want people to recycle because on the way to school I see a lot of garbage on the floor and the wind blowing it into the sewers which eventually goes into the river which I know it’s bad for the animals. If we recycle earth will be a cleaner place.” Kayla PS 19 Queens, NY #OneNYC
We’re still hearing from every corner of the city. Last week, we stopped by @centerforarch to talk about #OneNYC and the future of New York City. Hit the link in bio to share your voice!
"Less haters." —Pablo IS 117 The Bronx, NY
"I would like to see more flying cars and more people walking and jogging and out being happy." — CJ  IS 117 The Bronx, NY #OneNYC
New York City is working to bring its greenhouse gas emissions down 80% by 2050, to create cleaner air and a healthier planet for everyone.