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With #OneNYC, the Mayor's Office of Recovery & Resiliency and the Mayor's Office of Sustainability are building a #resilientNYC & #sustainableNYC.

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Despite the rain, many celebrations of Red Hook窶冱 resilience took place yesterday. We were excited to debut the first mural to beautify the Red Hook Interim Flood Protection Measures, which provide protection to the neighborhood from coastal flooding. Congratulations to 7-year-old Red Hook artist Ruba, who created the design 窶弃eople I See in My Neighborhood!窶
Five years ago, Hurricane Sandy highlighted our vulnerabilities from coastal storms and climate change. As the city took stock of the damage, it was clear we couldn窶冲 just plan for 窶the next Sandy,窶 but had to invest with an eye toward all future climate risks. Since then, the City has worked urgently to make bold and innovative investments in hurricane preparedness and resiliency on an unprecedented scale than ever before -- because the risks are greater than ever before. Five years later, we can say our city is safer and more resilient than it was - and we have much more to do before we窶冤l be satisfied.
Electric vehicles are not technologies for tomorrow. They are here now. We窶决e helping NYC charge up by developing fast charging hubs in every borough in 2018, AND working towards a new commitment to develop 50 fast charging hubs citywide by 2020.  #cities4climate #cwnyc
Mayor de Blasio today unveiled the most sweeping energy efficiency mandates in the nation, forcing sharp reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by buildings. Buildings are the city窶冱 largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, and the Mayor窶冱 action is the single largest action NYC can take to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. No matter what happens in Washington, we will not shirk our responsibility to act on climate in our own backyard. #cities4climate #climateweek
Today, more than 400 resilient leaders from the around the globe are fanning out across NYC to learn more about our resilience work and share knowledge of their own successes.  From oyster bed restoration in Staten Island to the Dryline project in Manhattan, New York is at the forefront of innovative, resilient urban solutions. From climate change to population growth, immigration to governance, we hope that this window into New York窶冱 resilience work will help cities around the world as they tackle the inevitable challenges they will face, as we also improve our work and learn from them. 
#100RCsummit #cities4climate #climateaction #ActOnClimate
As cities step onto front lines of the world窶冱 most complex challenges, New York is honored to welcome the first-ever summit of the ENTIRE 100 Resilient Cities network this week. That's more than 400 resilience leaders from around the world. New York City is a proud member of this group of world-class cities dedicated to a resilient, sustainable future. We can窶冲 wait to show off our own sweeping resilience efforts and learn from what others are doing.
#100RCsummit #cities4climate #climateaction #ActOnClimate
Cleaner transportation is possible. We can shrink the environmental footprint of NYC transportation while at the same time improving access, and travel choices to make our city more livable for all.

#OneNYC #cities4climate #climateaction #actonclimate #80x50
By 2050, we envision a NYC where getting around town will be safer, cleaner, and more convenient. We窶决e creating safer bike lanes, speeding up bus service, buying more zero emissions vehicles, and more. All part of NYC窶冱 efforts to make transit green! 
#OneNYC #80x50 #climateaction #actonclimate
Roof by roof, and tree by tree, we can work together to combat rising temps. Want to get involved? Visit NYC CoolRoofs to  register your roof for painting:
New Yorkers know climate change is real:  2016 was the hottest on record, and the New York City Panel on Climate Change projections show it窶冱 only getting hotter. That窶冱 why we窶决e doubling down on efforts to cool neighborhoods with more trees, white roofs, and buddy programs.
NYC Retrofit Accelerator, is a one-stop resource to help owners and operators of privately owned buildings reduce operating costs and increase the sustainability of their properties through energy and water upgrades. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Visit 
to learn more.
In 2050, we envision our buildings will be energy smart: upgraded to use less energy, rely more on renewable sources, and provide more comfortable temperatures for residents. They will be built to last & built to help. By 2025, building retrofits will create 1,000 jobs and reduce more than 1.5 mil tons of CO2.