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Poker is Life... so is BlackJack, Baccarrat, Sports Betting and Crypto Investing -- all fall from the same degenerate cloth!

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$15,000 on Rams over Eagles... took a hit last week, but coming back strong today! 
Let's get it
For the last 2 weeks, busted my ass to get this poker club run smoothly. Because of the huge influx of demand to play, I have transferred control of the club to a international group of experienced game organizers. 
I'm excited to announce that as of this morning, @PokerClub99 accepts PayPal, Zelle/QuickPay, & BitCoin. The club is now run by a strong experienced team and I will be returning to my normal degeneracy haha 
I officially endorse the club, stand behind it 110%, and will be grinding on it throughout this weekend. $5/$10 NLH action throughout the day -- time to grind NYPK style ... lfggggggg!!!!
Fly, Eagles, Fly!!! 🦅 $20,000 on the Eagles winning in Seattle tonight - MoneyLine bet... Let's effffinnggggf gooooooo
Wow - what a great game tonight! 
89 people entered, top 9 got paid, and I just chopped final 3. 
This was a very fun tourney -- will be moving over to another platform soon and then automate the entire process bc of how labor intensive it can get organizing this type of thing.....!
Amazing game guys - oh, and check out my ig stories if u wanna follow along!!! #poker #chipporn #pokerlife
What an amazing turnout we had last night. 
Top 3 players chopped up $1,400 each, 4th place earned $450 and 5th place got $250. 
Tournament Director Don Blackie has announced another tourney for tonight. What is the ideal time? 
He's calling for a 9pm EST start - $100 Buyin again. Who is down? DM *
#pokerlife #chipporn #poker
Happy Thanksgiving everybody --- today is the perfect day for me bc it combines all 3 of my love's into 1 = Poker + Sports + Food = NYPK Day 🤗. Putting in some heavy bets for today's games... also, our tourney yesterday received so much positive praise that we might run another one tonight. 
We might be able to hit 100 entrants = $10,000 prize pool tonight - wow! 
Enjoy your day folks *
#nypk #pokerlife #thanksgiving
Wow - can't believe I was able to organize a last minute $5,000 GTD Online tourney but we did it! 
Actually had another 14 players who couldn't get into the tourney in time -- at this pace and with more advanced notice, I think we can easily get $10,000+ prize pool tourneys on a weekly basis - wow!!!
Who's down? Let me know... I'm still fielding interest since I'll be home tonight with no plans so might as well play some online poker with all of you 😀

Ideally, wanna get 50 people to commit to make it worth it. $100 Buyin - let me know guys
Wow... the "Holdem Nightmare" --- Aces vs Kings - just saw this hand right now. Such a sickening cooler smh 🤦‍♂️ That's poker for ya... I'm still speechless 
#poker #chipporn #pokerlife
$16,500 on Seahawks at home tonight against the Falcons. 
Appreciate everybody who reached out to me after I busted the borgata Main earlier today. Just gotta move onto the next... For tonight, let's get our degen on the right way!!! *
#nfl #seahawks #sportsbet #nypk
Day 2 resumes now... coming back with 74,000 at 100/400/800 blinds... will be posting updates via my ig stories again if you wanna follow along!

Thank you all for the warm support - lfg!!!! #poker #chipporn #pokerlife
Day 2 of Borgata Main Resumes in an hour. 
409 entered, 204 remain... let's get back to work! 
#poker #chipporn #pokerlife #borgata