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You’re invited to our spinal care class! Got a spine? 🙋‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ this class is for YOU!


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Fun fact #1: getting adjusted helps you feel better AND function better 🙌 
Fun fact #2: Dr. Sydne’s favorite movie is Sound of Music and on a good day she can serenade you with the entire sound track 🎤 
Happy Tuesday, who’s getting adjusted this week? 😊💜❤️😊
This #favoritepatientfriday Steven wants you to know what he loves about chiropractic with @nystromchiro. 
Ready to feel better? Have more energy? Have a partner in your heath?  Call or email for your appointment and first step for better health - you’re worth it! 😀💪💗
Had a great time with @urbanremedy and their health fair today talking about the benefits of chiropractic.  What an amazing company! We are grateful for everyone we met and for the yummy lunch!
Here are some quick tips to support proper posture in your life!  Have questions? Comment below or shoot us a DM!
What does healing look like?  Dance moves!  Happy Friday!
With all this crazy weather ☔️ ☀️ 🌧 🌞 we know the gardens will be popping soon!  Here are some great tips to keep your back happy and healthy while you play in the earth 🌎
“I had to bring you each a rose to thank you for how much better I feel.”
This is what it’s about, folks!  It wasn’t that the pain went away but this patient was able to go skiing for the first time and enjoy MORE LIFE! 🤩
What could a functioning pain free body do for you? #results
This. This. This. This. This.
Our heart breaks when people get treated like algorithms.  Real health care starts the day you’re treated like a human and not a system.
@nystromchiro we pride ourselves on taking care of our patients as individuals, taking into consideration the unique aspects that each person brings to our office. Ready for some real health care and solutions?  DM, call or email.
Sometimes coming up with new ideas for dinner is tough.  That’s why we always like checking in with @barbarasobel_nutrition for easy ideas how to mix it up.  What’s your favorite way to mix up your meals? 
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I am all for super easy dinners. Last night I made a riff on congee. Instead of rice I cooked millet with stock, chopped turkey, onions, cauliflower, yam, and cilantro (chose because I had them in the refrigerator). I put everything in the pan, brought it to a boil, covered it and then simmered it on low for about 40 minutes. The result was a comforting warm stew chock full of vegetables. I stirred in a few swigs of coconut aminos just before serving.  Super simple and delicious!
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BTW.... just because back pain is common doesn’t mean it’s normal... at 19 or 99. 
We can help!  Holla at #yourmarinchiro
“What’s the big deal doc? It’s just my wallet.” Well, what do you see? 
Do you think overtime this might cause an issue?
Often times our spinal health is dependent on understanding what and how our daily habits impact our bodies. 
At Nystrom Chiropractic Group we are always working to help you make an impact with your spinal health in little and big ways! 
Got questions? Let us know!!
Today’s #FavoritePatientFriday is this little guy (yes, we take care of kids too!) He says adjusting feels good and helps him feel more relaxed. When asked if it helps him play better he says, “yeah, cuz I’m like really fast.” // Have a kid or have a questions about chiropractic for kids? Give us a call at 415-459-1218!