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This past weekend we had three successful OAE trips go out! Intro to backpack/camping, canoeing and caving! These pictures are of the leaders of those trips, because OAE leadership applications are due THIS SATURDAY! Find the link below! Remember... you'll never know if you're meant to be a leader unless you try! ~
Here are some pictures from last weeks trips! Get out on the water for a relaxing paddle board trip, or go for a day hike! Sign up for a future trip, at basecamp, on the second floor of the FAC, or at our table outside of boulder from 11-1! Find yourself outside!
Here it is folks! OAE's Fall Semester Trip Schedule! Find our table at the Activities Fair this afternoon on the quad from 4-6:30pm and sign up for a trip this semester! #GetOutdoors #OAEloyola
Come stop by our table on the quad today from 11-1pm and sign up for some of our upcoming trips!!! These trips are a great way to make new friends and a nice way to get off campus. This weekends trips include Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Rock Climbing and White Water Kayaking. So come stop by to sign up for a trip or just to say hi!
Just over a week ago, OAE sent out eight crews into the wilderness to do what adventurers do! Together they created memories to last a lifetime and walked away with the tools and knowledge necessary to start their college career at Loyola! Thank you to all the first-year participants who made these expeditions possible. There are many more trips to come this semester with OAE so stop by our Boulder Table on the Quad, or Basecamp at the FAC to sign up or learn more! #OAEloyola
Well folks, summer is winding down, and the 2017 Prefall Program is right around the corner! This year we are able to take on 2x the number of participants than ever before, all because of the adventurous spirits featured in this photo! While the Prefall Program is limited to incoming freshman, OAE has more trips to come throughout the school semester so keep your eyes and ears out for the schedule!
Happy Monday from OAE! Feeling bogged down with work before finals? Need to get off campus and de-stress? Sign up for one of the last trips of the semester this Saturday! Either sea kayaking or whitewater kayaking, either one will leave you ready to ace your finals! #loyolaoae #getoutside 
Sign up at Basecamp in the FAC or our table on the Quad Wednesday from 11-2pm!
In honor of earth day... here are some pictures that don't even come close to capturing the beauty of the place where we live. Happy Earth day! Remember to protect the earth in every way possible so we can have more pictures like these to share β˜ΊοΈπŸŒŽπŸŒ²πŸ’š
Stop by our table on the quad today from 11-2pm and sign up for a trip! Or just say hi to some really cool people! 
Sea kayaking, whitewater kayaking and a day hike go out this weekend!
Lots of laughs happened this weekend as a caving and two canoeing trips enjoyed the beautiful weather! Don't miss out on the chance to get off campus and into nature before this semester ends! #getoutside #loyolaoae
Happy Friday from OAE! Make sure you stop by Basecamp at the FAC to see our upcoming trips! #getoutside
Stop by boulder table tomorrow (Wednesday) and check out our spring trip schedule! #winterbackpacking #optoutside #newyearnewyou