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Neapolitan inspired espresso, slow roasted over an oak wood fire • Equipment sales, service, training • click here to see Visit Oakland Spotlight:

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We take great pride in the consistent flavor profiles of our blended coffees. What could be worse than brewing a pot of our Seven Bridges and having it taste a little “off”? Or pulling a shot of our Neapolitan Espresso and not getting the bittersweet chocolate and caramel balanced as expected? It’s all in the blending.
Here you see beans that have been roasted, cooled in the main hopper and are now going into an auxiliary hopper. From there, they will be moved to short term storage to await blending, bagging, then coming to your coffee cup.
If you visit our friends @EastBayCoffee, you can always order your favorite espresso drinks, deliciously prepared with our oak wood roasted coffee. That strawberry shortcake though!
SF Meals on Wheels Star Chefs and Vintners Gala is always a BIG event. So, yesterday, we wheeled in our heavy hitter—the Faema E71—to keep the 2018 version perfectly caffeinated. As always, the crowd was as generous as they were festive. We are always honored to be a part of this heart-filled event!
Congratulations, Kara Hammond and all the good folks at @BakerandCommons! They opened yesterday in the former Elmwood Café space. Kara, now a co-owner with Eric Wright, was the former Elmwood manager.⠀
Most of the staff has stayed on. The furniture and decor haven’t changed. Even the menu is the same—and you can still get a delicious cup of our oak wood roasted coffee! ⠀
Btw Kara says the name is a reference to her new business. It will be a revitalized community gathering spot. We wish them all the best!
Festival season weather is finally here! This #tbt goes back to 1987 Festa Italiana, SF Fisherman’s Wharf. Our service manager, Alex, and customer service manager, Laura, are seen here ready to prepare your favorite espresso drink!

Note: Small detail corrections have been made. We’ll just say, Laura’s memory is a little more accurate than Alex’s. But, Alex DID get the year right!
What are we roasting? This delicious, light roast Myanmar Natural! With notes of bourbon, mango and brown sugar, even dark roast drinkers are taking notice.⠀
John, our green coffee buyer, secured this lot prior to the Rohingya crisis. Read more about his trip—organized through @TheCQI (Coffee Qualty Institute), @USAID and @Winrock_International—and about the Shan State farmers at⠀
Consider trying the Myanmar for yourself. For every bag sold, $2 is donated to Doctors Without Borders.
Our friends @Mademoiselle_Colette, Palo Alto, have given us another reason to wish they were closer. It’s 24-hour cold brew made with our oakwood roasted coffee!
On Mother’s Day, we honor all Moms with our deepest gratitude. The Di Ruocco family matriarch, Marie Francoise, is often behind the scenes—like so many moms.
Here she’s seen at @SpecialtyCoffeeAssociation’s 2015 Expo in Seattle. With her is everyone’s favorite bean Sprudgie from @Sprudge magazine.
It was also the year Carlo was honored with the Peet Passionate Cup Award at Expo. You can be certain, Marie Francoise has been a quiet source of strength for Carlo’s path to success and in making Mr. Espresso what it is today.
Congrats to our friends at @25Lusk on their rooftop dining, bar and lounge! The great folks at Lusk do everything right! Rooftop 25 is no exception. A breezy SF day. No big deal thanks to the glass windscreens. If they don't do the trick, a cup of our oak wood roasted coffee will!
📷 Rooftop 25
Vashelle and Vananson from @RiseandGrindSF are serious about your coffee!! Really serious!! Seriously, we wish them the very best. Congratulations ✨

Anyone looking should know, Rise and Grind is hiring. Wouldn’t you love to work with these two?!
Our thanks to @VisitOakland for “putting the spotlight” on our coffees, oak wood roasting, Italian heritage and Oakland roots! The video is featured on their YouTube channel as part of Oakland Business Week. Seen here are just a few frames. ⬆️ Go to link in profile for the complete video ⬆️
Congratulations to B. Patisserie owners Belinda Leong and Michel Suas! @BPatisserie was named “Outstanding Baker” in the country by James Beard Foundation.
We are very honored to have our coffees served by the best in the country!
📷1 @KPIXTV, who will be featuring Belinda and Michael at 5 tonight
📷2 B. Patisserie / @beardfoundation