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New Hampshire📌
Husband of @aristiya_d
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Life is good as good as it should.
#summerdays #beachdays
#nkasoka challenged in tasting petai (stinky bean) for the first time. will she eats it? will she likes it? will she wins the main prize?

#bapakkurker 😎
May your friendship grows like a good wine.
📸: @mchellechn

#nkasoka #zoeyaleeza #nadineaureliagunawan
Hi Cicik,
Although you are silly, bubbly and naughty, you never run out of creativity.

Hi Sister,
Thank you for loving us unconditionally regardless all the timeouts you received.

Hi Daugther,
Thank you for start being independent especially on the stool business and dental hygiene. That a big loads off of our shoulder.

Hi Nicoline,
Don't forget your first name you know... And hi Keva,
Wishing you the best birthday, and looking forward for your continual growth of your mind, heart and spirit.

#4yearsold #nkasoka #toddlerslife #birthdaygirl
Enak gitu kalo disupirin ya kan... bisa foto2 keindahan alam ya kan...
Mbak Dian main ke Boston dongg 😇😇 - saya ambil PTO deh demi. @haristjio ga lu potoin nih?
We love you Kevin. Only by His grace to be able to deal with your complexity. 
We love you Kevin. No matter how many times you floored and said Naw!

We love you Kevin. Sorry if we are far from perfect parents but we're always have bacon ready for you.

And if God grants us one wish this year, let it be your total independence from overpriced Huggies, and let us start saving for your 529. 
We love you Kevin.

#kdasoka #3yearsold #toddlerslife
Gayamu nooook... #nkasoka #ootd #happysunday
It's a new day, new blessing, new hope. Let's go to work.
#somersworth #dusk #goodmorning
Got it?
#growingup is part of living. Refusing to grow up means we decide to stop living.

I remember the excitement for every inch of height I gained when I was a kid.

The thing is, as we grow older, the growth goes parallel with the width and weight.

Excites me no more... but that's life. 😶