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Hi friends! We窶决e doing a GIVEAWAY with the lovely @imjessicabrigham 沍ソ沍ソ沍ソ one lucky winner will win one of our Geo Hanging Planters 沍ソ沍ソ TO ENTER!笨ィ
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Giveaway will run until Friday, February 9th, at 11:59 PST. Winner will be announced on Saturday, February 10th! Good luck!!!! 笨交沛サ沍オ汳・笄笄
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Still one of my favorite combos: matre white ceramics and white oak plant stands. These little tabletop planters make me so happy (we have them in our kitchen, in our office, literally everywhere 沽). They窶决e available in the shop (link in profile). Happy Friday!!! 沍ソ笞。ク
Easiest way to style this corner of our apartment: shove all our plants into one spot and let the greenery speak for itself 沍ソ沍ソ沍ソ #plantgang #plantsmakepeoplehappy
Just hanging out 沍ソ沍ソ沍ソ our Drop  Hanging Planter is solid oak and will hold almost any 5 inch plant 笨交沛ス笨ィ
We gave this fiddle to our friends when we moved and we窶决e happy to see how much it窶冱 grown and thrived in their stylish mid-century home 沍ソ笨ィ #objectmodern #midcenturymodern #fiddleleaffig
This is my favorite corner of our living room: where bright light from the windows bounce off our fiddles and make them look lush and vibrant (and all this light keeps them happy and healthy) 沍ソ We still have walnut floor stands available in the shop (the one pictured is a medium). Now onto our weekend plans to spend some time in the shop finishing stands and shipping out orders! #objectmodern #plantsmakepeoplehappy
Just hanging out 沍ソ沍ソ沍ソ What are your favorite hanging indoor plants?? We bought a few and we are loving the pothos (in part because they窶决e resilient & hard to kill!) and we bought a fern too.  Our Drop & Geo Hanging Planters fit 5-6inch pots so we have lots of options笘コク条沍ソ
Our large fiddle catching some of this bright sunlight 笨ィ沍ソ It窶冱 been so clear and sunny in Seattle the past two days, we窶况e been soaking up the vitamin D with long walks outside 笘コク and PS we窶决e still offering free shipping on hanging planters for a few more days 沍ソ沍ソ #happysunday #objectmodern
If you窶决e like us and you already have too many snake plants, but you窶决e looking for another plant that窶冱 hard to kill, try a dracaena (dragon plant). We窶况e had this little guy for a couple years and it seems to bounce back from everything! #dracaena #planttips #objectmodern
@etsy has us feeling all nostalgic about our plant gang posts from last year! Here窶冱 a little flashback to one of our favorites 沍ソ沍ソ 沍ソAnd we still have small and tabletop plant stands (as pictured) available in the shop. We also have medium and large Floor Stands in matte white & white oak #plantgang #houseplantappreciationday #objectmodern
We keep our fiddles by the window to soak up lots of bright light, especially in these dreary winter months here in Seattle! Although, I窶况e got to admit we窶决e actually loving all this rain and cold weather (so far 沽). Quick reminder that we窶决e offering free shipping on all orders of our hanging planters this week 笨交沛ス沍ソ
Doesn窶冲 this living room make you so happy? We窶决e always excited to see our small walnut plant stand tagged in your gorgeous home @rebeccaandgenevieve #rugenvy #decorcrushing