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Out touring new places in Seattle while this little guy sits back in LA! Excited! πŸš› #almostpacked
The giant peace lily and fern have already gone to new homes! We're trying to take the big guy with us! πŸš›πŸ˜…
We've been admiring @girlandtheword's dreamy loft for months! Such a gorgeous balance of boho and modern with some girly accents. And look at that happy little plant, our buff planter and walnut stand has never looked better πŸŒΏβœ¨πŸ™ŒπŸ½ #decorcrushing #decoratingwithplants #jungalowstyle
Obsessed with #succulents! Can't get enough of these! πŸš›πŸŒ΅#fatjuicythumb
All of the little plants! 🌴🌡🌿Tabletop planters are all we have left! Thanks for making our move easier! πŸš›πŸš›πŸš›
So many fun decor details in @eclectic.leigh's home, and we especially love how our buff planter and oak stand look in her perfectly boho-styled living room! I've said this before but I definitely need a disco ball in my life πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸŒΏ
Did some quick little #succulents arrangements for some friends last night in our little tabletop planters!
We're busy packing boxes over here (moving is nuts!) so we're sorry if we've been slow to get back to messages and emails! A huge thanks to all our fantastic followers and customers who bought stands during our moving sale: we love you guys! We still have the bell planters on sale for 30% off on our website so get em while you can! #plantlife #objectmodern #myplantlovinghome
Maybe I'm just tired of being inundated with political news but this little pothos in our white oak and matte white ceramic reminds me of the hair of a certain someone. These table planters are 30% off for just a few more days!
This little cactus recovering from a fall this morning. Hopefully enjoying its new home! 🌡🌡
Cant get enough of these colors!  The pale green eucalyptus makes me want to plant some pale green succulents in these little pots!
Little fiddle soaking up the morning sun in our bedroom. Enjoy the LA sun while you can, little fiddle. Still have some tabletop planters and ceramic seconds available in our moving sale!