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Top quality boat fenders - Since '85 when it comes to boat fending, Ocean fenders is the solution! #ocean #fender


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Ocean Fenders has been successfully present for more than 30 years in the boat fending market, continuously introducing stylish high quality new products.
😀Find our high quality buoys in a vareity of different colours. 
Find more here : https://bit.ly/2lpQIhZ
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😀Do you want to protect your boat with stylish fending equipment ? 😀OCEAN has been successfully present for more than 30 years in the boat fending market, continuously introducing stylish new products 
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#MAGNUS fenders make yacht mooring safe and protected. No one does it better!

The “Magnus” inflatable fenders for mega yachts are made of reinforced PVC material to ensure the safety of your precious property. Τhose heavy duty yacht fenders are welded together, and not glued, in order to offer you the most secure, safe, and convenient mooring a fender can offer.They are available in various sizes for yachts up to 80 meters, and in black colour.

By the way, MAGNUS also adds an elegant look to compliment your vessel!

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🌀With the hectic pace that modern life brings you, now, more than ever, your boat can feel like a haven, a refuge from it all. Your boat! There’s no place like it.

Your boat is precious for you. You want to do
everything you can do to keep your boat safe and secure – everything you can do to protect what you value most.

Ocean Fenders protects what you value most . Using superior quality fenders, buoys and docking equipment to protect your boat can be one of the most important investments you will ever make.

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🌀The fear of damaging the boat while docking is a common concern.  Ocean Fenders will ensure your prized boat is protected from scrapes and dings while tied up at the dock. Fitting perfectly in every dock by placing the clip-ons on the dock will provide you the best shock absorption and lifetime performance in class.  #Ocean #Fenders #Docking
☑ Ocean Fenders Trusted worldwide offering superior protection combined with unique elegance.

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☑ Manufactured as single piece of extra strength Ocean Fenders offer ultimate protection combined with elegant design.  #Fender #Buoy #Marine #Equipment #Boating
Combining low price☑ and high quality☑, according to the market’s needs, OCEAN proudly announces its new fender covers. OCEAN fenders, covered with OCEAN fender covers, for protection that not only lasts, but also looks good.
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⛵☀ Who wouldn't like to enjoy sailing under the sunny sky in Croatia?

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☑Type A clip-on boat fender is the first and unique solid fender, which clips on the guardrail, and is manufactured from Flexible Integral PU Skin Foam technology. ☑It is a boat fender that cannot deflate. It offers the best shock absorption and lifetime performance among other boat fenders, providing exceptional protection.

Ocean Fenders #Fender #Buoy #Marine #Equipment #Boating