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ァ 窶漏P凰 復梍 腹椈窶 乱売┣ 血恐・シ ァ溢ァァ餓愍。 RP株 復オュウシ 攵ウク攪 ス們懦敢, 売。罹ェィ ー ェィ蕩 ウオ享 劈徐揆 椈 ァ溢ケ俾ウ 共搆 」シ 對囈攵 們悧攪 桿劇・シ 服草ウ 梭慣笈共. キク 徐譜 ウ物螺ウ 符l螺株 ぎ梠揆 ウエざ 」シ侠 流洳カ擽 梭牟 簿ァ 哩ウオ 毎来慣笈共. 服愍。罹巡 「駆捩 ェィ慣 ウエ流 糖ヲエ  梭巡。 ク・ 葺株 ャクざ, 們悧 キクヲャウ AOE ー 据イ慣笈共.

As 窶廊et窶冱 have a drink with RP窶 after party ended, RP has completed all their official schedules as Royal Pirates and Sooyoon will be enlisted on next Monday. Words will not express enough for our gratitude to all fans for your unconditional love and support for RP. We were happy because you were part of the whole journey and Moon Kim, Sooyoon and AOE will continuously do our best for the future. Thank you.
巡ソ乱 ァ溢ァァ ウオ硫 цャエ 哩ウオ毎慣笈共! 共豆 壱劇 條ァェサ腹アー乱囈 ぎ梠鮒笈共汳 -ャク

цャエx ヲ専イウ 哩ウオ復 亨ー擽来慣笈共! 「駆捩 カ肥矛 ー川ぎ鮒笈共. シュ  ァ誤x囈~ I love you汳 -們悧
RP攪 悛セ醐復 梠ウ [Hasta la Vista] 攪 擽幣クー・シ └擽イ 小侃敢乱 剳攤 葺共  梭慣笈共. 
Naver blog posting : RP's own way of [Hasta la Vista]

Link : http://post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=9712738&memberNo=12162502
[4th EP album Music Video]
MV full version => http://bit.ly/2fmiGbh
草イ溢ァク ョ、ァ エヲス Hasta La Vista!  復 懋ー巡 南ケ俾ウ 狂ァ 賦捩 流洳カウシ RPァ護攪 哩ウオ復 カ肥矛豆揆 醐劍鮒笈共!  牟巳 カゎ捩 あ乱巡 RP攪 ┷ お梵豆イ俯涵 椋罹x 悛セ醐葺ウ ー晧捩 あ豆揆 ウエざ亨クク ー罷檮笈共!
Second music clip 窶廩asta la Vista窶! We are 
Call out to the scenes that we do not want to miss, the happy memories RP and the fans have shared! We hope and believe that you can change any gloomy days to a bright and pleasant day as the three guys of RP.
[4th EP album Music Video]
MV full version => http://bit.ly/2jWu6Yq
擽イ ヨ 物イ肥攪 ョ、ァエヲス捩 ケ葺攤糖 メ豆 作乱 橋イィ梭株 。懍龍血擽涸ク攪 ┷ お梵 ャク, 們悧, 懍桷侃凰攪 護、啄復 カ肥矛揆 流洳カ豆ウシ 丶椨徐譜 ーァ腹  梭巡。 失ァ啄葺流 豫ヲス笈共. キク 徐譜 RP・シ ァ珠擽 ぎ梠紛 」シ侠 イイ俯涵 服愍。罹巡 RP・シ 鵠坡 搗寳紛 」シ亨クー ー罷檮笈共.
We wanted to cherish the precious memories with RP for a long time with all our fans. So, the music clip has been edited to show the three guys of RP: Moon, Sooyoon and James from behind the scenes. We would hope for you to continuously love and support RP!!
[Album Release]
RP窶冱 goodbye album 窶路asta la Vista窶 has been released. The 4th EP includes songs with full of energy to refresh and recharge your any normal days. We hope you would enjoy and share them with your friends and family. Thank you for your love and support for RP!
Please note that US released date will be announced later
笘枴Tunes: http://apple.co/2wTecz8
[Album Release]
RP攪 オソー肥擽 物イ 窶路asta la Vista窶呟ー ー罹ァ、 据来慣笈共.
擽イ EP 物イ肥乱株 ァ」ィ復 攵メ攪 劈・揆 カ溢牟、 符」シ 侠x株 搆腐豆擽 ァ珠擽 豆牟梭愍笈 流洳カ豆攪 ァ攤豆ウシ ウオ悛紛」シ亨ウ 服愍。罹巡 ァ珠捩 ぎ梠ウシ 搗寳 カメ糖ヲス笈共!
笘朞elon: http://bit.ly/2htzjWQ
笘朦aver Music : http://bit.ly/2xs6xw7
笘朞net :  http://bit.ly/2fmcyzJ
笘曩enie :  http://bit.ly/2hvQRho
笘曖ugs :  http://bit.ly/2jXPOLJ
笘樌豫壱ョ、ァ :  http://bit.ly/2fNpvDA
笘樌誤ヲャー罷共 : http://bit.ly/2yD1F58
笘杠outube (MV) : http://bit.ly/2fu7a1u
RP攪 4th EP 'Hasta la Vista'ー 丶釜 菩丶乱 ウオー 姓笈共. ァ珠捩 クー劇 カメ 糖ヲス笈共! 沁嬉沽
RP's 4th EP 'Hasta la Vita' will be released at noon (KST) today!沁解沁
沒碕クーぎ ァ〓 (Article link) => http://bit.ly/2whgn02
We are glad to inform that RP's goodbye album "Hasta la Vista" is now available at MWAVE for international fans! Hope you all enjoy the limited edition of physical album. 沒沁ァ沽
Link => http://bit.ly/2yAx0FD
'Hasta la Vista' ス們懦敢攪 クーぎ 桿笈共. ざ攵 9對 26攵 12亨 (KST) 乱 ー罹ァ、 摺 物イ罷巡 ァ珠擽 クー劇 紛 」シ┷囈. 沽沽
'Hasta la Vista' concert was a success. Please look forward to the album release on tomorrow, Sep 26 at 12 PM (KST).洟
クーぎ ァ〓: http://bit.ly/2yCkMfI
Did you guys enjoy the show? We jus wanna say you guys were the best and hope you all have a great night! Hasta la Vista!
An article about RP's concert'! Detailed information about album purchase event been updates on fan cafe, please check the details to join us!
沒喉rticle: http://bit.ly/2jJsJwd
沒孝an cafe=> http://bit.ly/2fjnVwg