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Sometimes I just need to take a day of to truly appreciate that I’m living the life I’ve dreamt of for a long time. ✨
Just a casual Saturday morning with @simeonandre 
3 smokebombs ✅
Photoshoot 8 in the morning ✅
A crowded bike tunnel ✅
Police and FD on it’s way ✅
This is what I’ve dreamt of, having the possibility to do what I believe is the best, when I feel it’s the best. No bureaucracy, just me working closely with my clients.

And the best of all, I have the possibly to help people, and make a difference with my pro bono Wednesday’s.
Today I’m making a video of one of my favorite malmö influencers at 65 he has has over 27k followers on Instagram.
Hopefully it will inspire people to see that age is not a problem if you really want to do something.( after all I’ve been planning it for 6 months)
Thanks for the candy @cloettaofficial 
#boostified #cloettanyheter
The photos of me pretending to not know I’m being taken a photo of, even tho I’m taking the photo myself is back
Made a short film from my weekly visit at @hedvigsdalpizza
Yes, I do really love making hyperlapses ❤️✨
Same Hyperlapse, new angle
Another day, another hyperlapse
My first hyper lapse... only took like 2 hours to make