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#ofsds is a 501(c)(3) non profit celebrating senior dogs and providing them a loving retirement home *operating within 100mile radius of Nashville,TN*


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Cody with his person ❤️
Benji makes sure that his bed is made before his nightly adventures ☺️
Mr. Mr. getting comfy 💕
Thumper getting ready for bed 💘
Caroline begins her nightly yoga routine 🌙
Goodnight from Apollo and Esther 💕
Lollipop 🍭😍
Freddy comes out from hiding 😁
Sleepy Bagel 💗😴
Goodnight from goofy Ginger 💤
Spumoni has claimed a ball for himself ❤️
Rosebud and Harley decide that, on a cold day, it’s more fun to play on the bed than outside. Meggie is the designated referee 💕