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#ofsds is a 501(c)(3) non profit celebrating senior dogs and providing them a loving retirement home *operating within 100mile radius of Nashville,TN*


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Sweet dreams from Dallas 💤
Theres always a couple pups who dont mind the rain 😊
Marigold wants to know why her pup cup wasnt filling itself back up. 😁
Nellie strikes a pose 😁
Me and Violet had a very serious talk today 😍
Sharky watches out for his friend bagel as he naps 🙂
Sweet dreams from Florence 💤
Taz prefers to stay in and be warm 😊
Copper doesn't let the cold stop his adventures 😁
Duchess demands attention 😍
Mason says it's a good day to do nothing 😁
Sweet dreams from Maxwell and Gordon 💤