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Obviously not my birthday anymore but hey I am known to be the most punctual person on earth right? 😊😊😊
Byebye millennial pink feed? On the other hand I think I need to upgrade to a SSD my 6-months-old MBP is already dying on me haaaaais
Ok tbh this is really just a filler shot for me to continue on with my feed HAHAHAHA
Happy Birthday my other 24th baobao πŸ‘ΈπŸ»To more 6 years of birthdays and counting HAHAHAHA.

Also, this must be the party with the most amount of cameras that I've ever attended HAHAH

Photo credits β€” I've lost track at this point with the amount of cameras but HAHHAHA credits to: @jeraldsaw @beccabeczten @intoxincant πŸ˜›
Mirror mirror on the wall, will my GPA rise or fall?

Hint: The answer rhymes with tall
First 2 months of returning back to campus life and I already wished it's the last 2 (also my RBF is at its worst or - should I say at its best here ayyyy)
Been in need of some good sleep recently πŸŒ™
Also, this millennia pink aesthetic feed thing is hard af lol
I also getting baked here in Singapore la hello πŸ™„
Other girls look so cute, ladylike and dainty in the hanbok and then there's me LOL πŸ˜ͺπŸ™„
Ok I am finally 23 today. Lao Zhar Bor already hai.
Ok last day of being 22. Please bless and wish me with more money and huathuat (+leaves+school holidays) for me to chase more Wanna One
P/S: I am kidding. Actually, no not really πŸ™‚