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last week was hell week with back 2 back deadlines for all 5 days and then this week is unbelievably chill with 0 subs and tests

on the side note i have dropped a module from my already-underloading sem!!! at least we r 2/3 done with this mess 🙂🙂🙂🙂
This might be my favourite hotel to stay in yet 👌🏼#blobfaminbkk
I think I can never get sick of Thailand 📰✨#blobfaminbkk
I am at that weird part of life/adulting where I have to file my own income tax but I also have to rely on my folks for medical reimbursements (a.k.a the $90 bill for a simple illness...)
When the ice cream's colors matches with our skin tones 😍 @beccabeczten 
Jk but it was such a delight to find a cosy gelato store that serves non-gelat gelato (HAHAHA) on our way back to our hotel @pullmanbangkokhotelg after a very tiring day out ✨
When the pool is as shallow as my personality 😍✨
初二 more like 除恶
not ice ice baby, just a huat huat baby 🍬
it's valentine's day today
and i just wanted to say
the sky is fake
like u, a snake 🐍

Haiku by Shermin Sim 2018
I am sofa-king min 
Ok I will excuse myself out for this pun bye errbody!!1! 
PSA to guys (and girls): Half an hour later please remember to feed your partners/SOs
The last I checked - yep 2018 has been a scumbag so far :'))))
Filler shot ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
Like how I am telling myself school is a filler shot in my ~album of life~ :')