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Jesus-loving wife/mama. Ohio. INFJ. Writing & sharing grace, encouragement, kids, essential oils, & inspirational apparel YL #2038775

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We wear mint and eat mint ice cream on daddy's birthday. Happy 31st @dustin.steiner ! We love you and are grateful for all you do!
This cutie officially starts 3 day preschool next week! 🐝 #lillieisawildflower 🌸
It's that time of year again! Are you ready!? #backtoschool
Not too shabby of a view for a Tuesday...😉
Can't miss that roof though...😉
Pretty cute...both of them! And one is available. 😉 The other one I don't even want to think about him dating, he's already a little flirt! 😄
Apparently I'm the wicked witch of the west! 😂
This post is for the kiddos going back to school. This is our brave oil. Scent is a powerful thing. When we breathe in a scent it directly effects our limbic system and can help calm, motivate, energize...depending on the scent. Last year when Gracie started school she was nervous with the changes. We would roll valor on in the morning, say a prayer, and she'd take a bible verse to have with her during the day. This oil isn't magical,  but it's a useful tool! Last week I sent some happy mail to the it's the kiddos turn! If you know a child that could use a little of this brave oil as they go back to school, I'd love to send some! I'd love to send it to everyone, but since shipping can add up, if you could only comment if you aren't already a Young Living member, I'd really appreciate it! ❤
Clear view without that dirt mound! 🙌 Insulation Monday,  then drywall...and then we paint! Why are there so many shades of white!? 🙃 We may it narrowed down, but anyone want to throw a favorite shade in the mix!?
Oh guys ..that face...Lord help us! 😇
I just can't get enough of these beauties! 🌻