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Jesus-loving wife/mama. Ohio. INFJ. Writing & sharing grace, encouragement, kids, essential oils, & inspirational apparel YL #2038775

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Some of my favorite messy play. Food colored yogurt for the win and a bath to follow! By the end he was pretty green...cuz blue and yellow... Swipe to see baby Lillie enjoying the same activity! #reuboy #messyplay
That face though! 😍
Lillie -" I'm gonna marry Lucas."
Gracie- "You need to grow up first."
Lillie "Ok. I will, I will, I will." ( insert eye roll type voice there)
Soley posting this because I want to remember this conversation and these moments years from now. #lillieisawildflower #goodnessgracielynn
This boy loves his sissies! How sweet it is to see them make him laugh and giggle! I pray their friendships with each other only continues to grow and they will encourage one another to seek after God's will in their lives! #reuboy #goodnessgracielynn
Yes. This magazine + Christmas Spirit + a hot drink. Yaasss! 😍 Christmas decorations don't go up until AFTER Thanksgiving, but that doesn't mean I can't start planning and dreaming! 🎄#themagnoliajournal #yleo #christmasspirit
I've been a bit quiet in this space, but the good news is, I've been capturing things in my heart. #alwaysworkingonbalance It was a beautiful day to soak up some Autumn sunshine and crisp air with my people. ❤ #lillieisawildflower
10 month babes...but seriously, how has it been 10 months!? #reuboy #lillieisawildflower #goodnessgracielynn #52weeksofreu
Lillie and I made rag dolls today after starting to read Little House in the Big Woods. She appropriately named the dolls Laura and Mary and tearfully INSISTED they have creepy googly eyes...totally ruining my homestead ragdoll vibe...😂 #lilliegoestoschoolathome #mamaandlilliebug #littlehouseinthebigwoods
Looking back at pictures from last month...and this is what happens when you're just trying to get an adorable picture of all your kiddos and a plane is super distracting! #6kids5andunder #thatplanethough
Do these stripes make me look adorable? #yes #52weeksofreu
One on one date with this kiddo. She's at such a fun stage, and her little voice...the way she can't pronounce her r's, the way she always wants to know who people are and what their name is, the way she remembers stories so well, and the way she can play in her own little world of imagination. She is a generous little soul. Kind and sensitive, and oh so sassy and expressive. Let's keep dating, girlie. Oh, and she can people watch, aka, STARE, like no one's business! Also, mama's done with whole 30, so today was try dairy again day...and chocolate...because chocolate! 🍫#lillieisawildflower #mamaandlilliebug
I just want to hold onto this evidence that I have a child that actually fell asleep amongst us all like this! Is this real life!? Lol. The teething, feeling a little under the weather,  not napping much, and getting a leg massage should probably be taken into account. 🤔😁 #reuboy