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Jesus-loving wife/mama. Ohio. INFJ. Writing & sharing grace, encouragement, kids, essential oils, & inspirational apparel YL #2038775

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Meet Lillian Mae. Bunny whisperer...though she may just be scaring them half to death as she forcefully loves them and rocks them like a baby! 😂
@theheritagegathering was beautiful last night and of course sooo yummy! A great night out as a belated birthday gift! So fun to relax, meet new people, and enjoy a lovingly made meal that came right from the farm or sourced locally. Follow them and go to one of the events yourself! @dustin.steiner and I are already planning to go in August! 😁
Good dental health is important...and when you drink a lot of coffee and want a natural way to whiten essential oil!! #lifehack
Bunny show and tell was a hit! #goodnessgracielynn #tulipbunny
Tried to convince her to nap with me in the shade of the trees yesterday...#shewasntconvinced
Totally felt like I was rockin' mom life in this moment. 16 and 9 month old in stroller, snacks and smoothie, 4 year old walking alongside to the playground. Let's just say it got a lot more chaotic once we got to the playground! 😆😕😂 Good thing @hanmill15 was on her way!!
Shine bright Lillian Mae. You know that balance of when to say yes and when to say no? It can be a hard one, parents. Exaustion, moods, schedules all play a part. I know I'm learning and being challenged by this all the time. The support of others that are walking that road and have walked that road is essential.  And other good news...we have the gospel that paves the way and always points to the cross.
This girl literally had like 10 coats of paint on every finger and toe...😞 at least it was #piggypaint! Are there any natural nailpolishes that you like to use? So far we've just tried piggy paint in pink and sparkles....which can turn into white with sparkles when you have a gazillion layers! 😂
Babywearing, stress away, and game face on. She's got the #momlife down! 😂 #lillieisawildflower
Just a Reu-ster and some chicks! 😉 🐔 #reuboy #momjoke
The wonder of a child.

It's a pretty amazing thing.

And when we let ourselves in on that wonder- that amazement- enthusiasm...we get to see things a little differently.

We get to stand in awe of our surroundings and thank our Creator for the gifts he's given us.

Let's greet this day with enthusiastic gratefulness and wonder. 
The wonder of a child.

Sharing from my Oh Tiny Gifts Facebook page.
It's a little wet out there,  but hopefully things can keep moving this week! #steinersbuildahome