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Jesus-loving wife/mama. Ohio. INFJ. 9w1. Writing & sharing grace, encouragement, kids, and essential oil goodness. YL #2038775

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Sometimes you put on your cute shoes to go to the grocery store because it feels good to get "dressed up". And by that I mean trade in the yoga pants for jeans. Sometimes it's the little things we do just for ourselves. Maybe yours is changing INTO those yoga pants...which sometimes it's that for me too! Go get it, girl! 👊
About time to document the bump. 20 weeks along so we're half way there! #steinerbabenumber4
Is this real life? Why is that binky and sleep sac so magical for sleep!? #reuboy
Our indoor jump house for today! Snow is starting to fall outside and I think I'll be ready for Spring in approximately one more week of this cold...or maybe now. 😉 But I appreciate the change of seasons. The expectations of new life. Winter in Ohio is a season that calls for creatvity, bravery to face the cold, and patience! 😁
Kept this plant alive since May...🙌🌱
And some days when your daughter asks to buy flowers at the grocery store, you say yes. Flowers get to be a part of self care today. Self care can be so hard. The right kind of the self care. The care where we are really nuturing ourselves, filling ourselves up with God, and pouring into our tanks so we can overflow to others. Sometimes I want the easy self care. The flowers, watching movies, maybe a little chocolate. These are good and bring some joy as a part if self care,  but aren't sustaining. I need to invest in the self care that looks like waking up early to pray. Workout. Read. Not eat too much sugar.  Use essential oils consistently. Because while these can be harder, the reward is greater and my tank is more full. ⚘
This kid is clearly taking over my feed. But with sissies back in school and a second birthday,  what do you expect? 🤷‍♀️ #reuboy
Morning sunrise post bday celebrations. 🎁
Check out my stories soon for a quick rundown of the oils and diffuser on sale that we use every day in this home. ❤
Some real life shots of all our Young Living products around the house! Something that I love is that I don't have to research different products. I trust the quality and purity of Young Living and I get what I need without fear. I honestly feel empowered with these choices! I even love that for me, I can chose to work from home and help others feel this same way. When I got a kit, I told Dustin I just wanted the kit and might not order again. Definitely wouldn't "do" the business. 😉 Here we are 4.5 years later! And for the next few days the premium kit with beautiful desert mist diffuser is on sale. Add in more money back from me and this is the lowest price you'll see! Don't wait to get started. You won't regret it. Whose ready to start their story!? If you have already started your Young Living journey,  I'd love to hear how it's impacted your life! ❤
Isn't that the truth!? Pretty sure this was speaking to my enneagram 9 heart.
*Edit! Plus they just announced a sale! 10% off the desert mist premium kit, plus another 10% from me! That's just $130 guys!!! 😱
A few of my favorites that come in a complete wellness kit from Young Living. I'm passionate about getting these oils and natural products in EVERY home. Just know that you and your family are worth it! Sharing samples with some of you! Go check out my stories! ❤
And just like that, this always messy, strong willed and knows his mind little dude is TWO! 
Dear Reu,
You are a gift. You try this mamas  patience and are stubborn to the core,  but the way you smirk and say mama just makes my heart melt. 
You are learning so much and testing your boundaries. I do love watching you grow,  though growth always has its own growing pains.
I pray you grow closer to Jesus. That you are a friend and shepard to others just as your name means. That you will take to heart the verses whispered in your ear each night. The Lord grants perfect peace to him whose mind is stayed on Him. / Fear not, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by name, you are mine. 
Keep learning and growing. Being curious and brave. I love how you say "ohhh!" when something is explained and you understand. I love how you give me a complete rundown of what you want to eat in your own language. Yo, yo, booberry, nola.  Yogurt, blueberries and granola. You love a song with a good beat, and often think you need to free yourself of some clothing to dance. You still love your binky and sleep sac at night and love to cuddle. 
You are loved forever and always. 
Happy 2nd birthday sweet boy.