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Jesus-loving wife/mama. Ohio. INFJ. Writing & sharing grace, encouragement, kids, essential oils, & inspirational apparel YL #2038775

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This boy! 😍I never saw myself as a boy mom, and now I can't imagine any other way! #52weeksofreu
Hot summertime survival guide with kids.
1. Get a small pool
2. Sit in pool
3. Repeat 🌞🌊
#52weeksofreu Growing like a weed! Champion of laying down awake and falling asleep for naps without fussing...short 45 min naps though! Rolling from belly to back and sitting on his own. Eating avocados, bananas, sweet potatos, applesauce and puffs! Has his two bottom teeth!
They don't always get along perfectly, but there are an awful lot of sweet moments sprinkled through each day. It is such a blessing to get to enjoy the crazy of these three each day and do life with them! It can be loud, chaotic, frustrating, and tiring, but goodness, it sure is good! #goodnessgracielynn #reuboy #lillieisawildflower
While the big sisses were in class, we hung out and played, explored, ate snacks...and yeah, mostly just ate snacks! 😂 #lillieisawildflower #thewildernesscenter #snacksareourfav
Pictures from Dorian's b-day party this weekend...mostly of Reu sporting his new warm weather hair style! 😁 #reuboy
Got this picture yesterday. 😍 Makes my heart feeled tugged in all sorts of directions. Beautiful girl is growing up and not a baby anymore! #growinghellen
God didn't have to make nature beautiful for us to enjoy,  but He did. #1000gifts And the way #reuboy is crossing his feet...😍
My bunny girl. 🐰 Also..they were just playing that she was the mama and Lillie her kid. Gracie - "Oh great, she's sleeping in again." #saidnoparentever  #goodnessgracielynn
Gotta bounce. 😎#reuboy
 Still feeling good after 3 shots today! Copaiba and peace and calming oils, nursing...and of course the chunkiest thighs evah help out a bit!
6 months means time for the bare, baby butt picture! He's gonna love me for this someday! 😂😍 #reuboy #futureseniorslideshowpic #ornot
Rocked this little dude to sleep in just about the same spot and at the same time he was born 6 months that's cool 😊 Can't believe this sweet boy is 6 months old!! He is a gift. ❤#reuboy