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I love halloween🕷️🔮🖤
Bale napatunayan na po natin na hindi ko kaya magpicture at magfangirl at the same time kasi nagkaka-earthquake sa kamay ko ano ho
some pics from the dump from the davao trip

𝓛 𝓾 𝓱
Let's go pangkabuhayan package💖
Hindi ko narin po talaga alam haixt
This is a cr selfie of me before taking a bath. 
I haven't been active on instagram. I stopped posting pics for more than a year now.

I guess i was conscious about everything. I didn't know how to take good pics (despite me being an mma artist wow). Im not good at the whole composition thing. I only know that basic which pretty much doesn't cover most. I wasn't good at the whole post-process of pictures. Like, i do ok edits. When i look at it im lyk "ye it's cute i like it." But when i look at feeds, i realize that my edit is actually TOO much haha. Too vibrant, too contrast-y, too much filter and all not in a good way. I also feel like my photos are not that good of a quality. Then i would feel a bit ashamed for some reason because of all the iphone and android quality (i know high end androids are as good if not more than iphone) but my android is far from top of the line. Also, i don't think my photos were nowhere near interesting.

So i just stopped postings pics. Actually, i stopped taking pics. If ever i have something i want to share, i just send it to all my close friends via pm.

I saw my friend's new instagram account (i dun know if its ok to tag hehe because of the whole privacy-multiple-accounts thing i dont understand). She calls it photodump and she just post there everything sje wanna post. Not exactly the whole "instagram anesthetic." So i was inspired to do it again. Fuck everything. Fuck it if i look stupid. Fuck what the haters gon say. I'll start posting again... hopefully.

Sorry for the long post. Didn't actually know y i'm explaining
Tapos na ang panahon ng pagt-type ko ng "live" sa youtube
DEVIN MY BBY LOVES #pulpsummerslam17
We sort of did ok for night shoot. Props to me for not falling off the cliff 👏🏽 📸: @itssaint
When yo lil sis takes lit pics
Push ko denim on denim💙💙 📸: me & tripod