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MC, Counsellor, Actress , TV & Radio Personality/Executive Director -Okonore Yaa Multimedia & A Media consultant. For bookings call: 0044 7707327399

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Ladies: Never use your assets (breast and butt) to get a man, especially a man who belongs to another woman. How you get a man is a good indication of how you will lose him. A lot of men are butt chasers and breast watchers. Very few men are interested in a woman's mind, character or personality. Yes, The physical is what most men will notice about a woman first, but that's not enough to make a man fall in love with her. It will only make him lust to be with her. Share your mind with a man, not your assets.
In Case Of Incasity, The Movie presents to you Rosina! 
Rosina is a Ghanaian market trader surrounded by a swarm of Nigerian traders in the Peckinhams Lane Market. She is forced to constantly remind everyone that she is in fact not Nigerian, but a proud Ghanaian. This generates a lot of good-natured debate and despite being outnumbered, Rosina is more than capable of defending herself and her identity. There was also the small matter of some orange-coloured savoury rice... Rosina is played by Mavis Okonore who, apart from being an actress is also a radio host and TV presenter.  Director Kola Munis said of Mavis, ‘’Mavis took to the role extremely well for someone featuring in her first major production. She was not at all intimidated by some of the big names on set and more than justified the faith we put in her. Ghanaians will be quite proud. Well done Mavis!” #incaseofincasitythemovie