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TRANSFORMATION 🔥🔥🔥 by @diaryofa_painter HUGE  8 hr+ COLAB WITH @ricardoalonsobeauty! Could not have done  it without you! . Check out her page ➡️➡️➡️ for before! . 
I want to give a huge thanks to @lisalovesbalayage , @victorval , @emmanuellstyles for an amazing class! I have seen @lisalovesbalayage 3 times over the past 3 years and she never disappoints! . 
@oligopro for the win as always!  @oligoprousa
TB to one of our favorite side by side 🖤 by @justhairobsession @oligopro @oligoprousa #oobaliepro #oligopro #oligoblacklight #oligoprousa
WOW!!! ❤️This line up is fire 🔥🔥🔥 Two Days of blonding education.  HANDS ON DAY 2 #melting #balayage #blonde #toning #highlights #foilayage #hairpainting #haircolor #theory ❤️ Check out the list of educators @lisalovesbalayage @ashleenormanhair @dvcolour @kristen.lumiere 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 see you in #Austin #AustinTX @princess_professional  tickets available at www.austinblt.eventbrite.com or call (800) 275-0341
Blonde bombshell 💓 By @balayage_courtney  @oligoprousa @oligopro 
#behindthechair  #oligopro #blondehighlights #cooltones #balayage #rootyblonde #creamyblonde #blonde #blondespecalist #marquette #michigan #michiganstylist #stylist #spring #btconeshot #hairgoals #hairstylist #oobaliepro
Ohhh this cute oh whatevas ❤️ hey miss Audrey 👀😍😍
By @brizus15 Guys she went 7months with her previous balayage that we gave her😱👍 we brought up her highlights with @oligoprousa @oligopro #Extrablonde 
And toned with 9.1+P.12 and shadow rooted with #calura 6.18 😈
View from the🔝
Paint from previous post. At @jkralikhair 
@oligopro blacklights clay, cool tone and extra blond with 30 volume. @oligoprousa
❤️❤️ Look book ❤️❤️ by @paintedhair @oligoprousa @oligopro #oligopro #oligoprousa
🙋🏻‍♀️Team Work 🙋🏻‍♀️ by @lisalovesbalayage This is how we work 💪🏼💪🏼. My assistant @ermaloveshair and I work as a team. She is literally my right hand 🤚. I weave, she teased, I formulate, she applies, I cut, she finishes. 🙌🏼🙌🏼. See this dynamic couple in Austin TX at Blacklight Tour / Tickets available at www.austinblt.eventbrite.com or call ‭1(800) 275-0341‬  In this video we used @oligopro @oligoprousa extra blonde lightener 
Glossed with @oligopro calura color p-12 (pastel toner) #austin #austintexas #austintx #austinmodel #austinmodels #austinstylist #austinhairstylist #austinsalon #oligopro #oligoprousa
Come join the blonde  movement!  Featuring 
Colourist @dvcolour @diana_vivi  June 9 & 10 Austin TX Tickets available at ‭+1 (800) 275-0341‬ or www.austinblt.eventbrite.com @oligopro @oligoprousa #oligopro #oligoprousa
Super excited to have Ashlee teaching in Austin TX ... 🎟 Tickets available at www.austinblt.eventbrite.com @ashleenormanhair The Day That made me want to QUIT HAIR altogether was the day a 40ish year old man Cursed Me Out for cutting his 5 year olds hair Too Short for his Pre-School Graduation 😱 He had shown me a version of a shaggy surfer cut and I proceeded to give the boy the Facón, which is a classic square layer- short on sides, longer on top- the only men’s cut that I learned at Vidal Sassoon. After a few F-Bombs the Dad walked away and the boy said to me, “My Mom is going to be so MAD 😠 when she see my Hair!” I apologized and went to my Salon Owner for some sympathy. Instead of coddling me, the response I got was “You need to go take classes!” 😧 I went home that day and cried my eyes out 😭 I had already been working behind the chair for two years and was struggling to build a clientele. I wanted to give up 😔 My Apprenticeship outside of Beauty School was practically nonexistent and now I was faced with pursuing and paying out of pocket for all the education I should have already had as a Stylist charging High-end Salon Prices 😪 With the encouragement and financial support of my Husband, I traveled all over the country to every top academy. Looking back, I am glad instead of quitting, I let it light a fire 🔥 up my A**! I learned that this business is extremely competitive with a salon in every shopping mall and if you don’t do good hair, you don’t get paid. There are no “window seats” where you can stare outside and collect a paycheck. You can’t even be the “weakest link”, you just won’t be on the chain at all 😅 I am still insecure about my cutting to this day but have been encouraged in seeing that my cut videos have been my most viewed and reposted (including this one ☝️ of a little Pixie I did while Pregnant with my daughter) Now I am getting requests to start teaching Haircut 💇😬 The thought scares me 😳 but I didn’t give up then so why should I let Fear get in my way now, right? #PixieHaircut 
#AshleeNormanEducates #HairBrained #RazorCraft @oligoprousa @oligopro #oligopro #oligoprousa
When the base is good I like to keep things minimal. Hairline and a few ribbons, no gloss or root. By @kellymassiashair . . @oligoprousa @oligopro #oligopro #oligoprousa 
#kellymassiashair @lift.hair #lifthair #balayagehighlights #balayagevideos #hairvideos #hairpainting
Full Balayage Highlight + Haircut using my fool proof  #internaldiamond placement. . By @kristen.lumiere .
Product: @oligopro Clay + Cool Toned Blonde + 20-25vol. Processing under low and slow gentle heat for 20-30min. .
@kristen.lumiere Teaching this technique in ATX with @victorval @ashleenormanhair @lisalovesbalayage @dvcolour this coming June at the Oligo Blacklight Tour! 🎟🎟🎟 Tickets are available but selling fast! 📞 Call ‭+1 (800) 275-0341‬ @princess_professional  or 💻 www.austinblt.eventbrite.com No surprise there...I mean look at the educator line up 😍 it’s the dream team!!
Why I absolutely love this placement almost above all of my others: .
1️⃣ It is seamless from nape to ends once mastered. If you notice I said “once mastered.” That means it takes time y’all. None of us leave a class knowing how to do everything exactly as the educator does...we need practice! .
2️⃣ Soooo versatile. You can do this for a blonde, brunette, lowligjting, grey coverage, lived in balayage or highlights all the way to the root. It is a one stop shop for bad ass seamless placement. .
3️⃣ It looks freeking cool as hell. That’s because it is y’all