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It’s way past 9pm and bedtime here is a sh*tshow. My mind was instantly transported to my time in Tulum on a girl’s only trip with no crying kids. Take me back now! @misspark709 @becma3 @misspeachykat @becma3 @bnam2 where should we go next?
This is 3.🎈
Three years ago today you came into my world, kept me on my toes and always find ways to make my heart race. 
My sleep is still unpredictable but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you Little Man for giving me the best 3 years of my life. #thisisthree
Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Anyone else’s kids have candy as their second dinner? 👻 🍭
I found out today was #worldmentalhealthday and instantly thought of these ladies (and others not pictured). Thanks for being there for me. Our meet ups are therapeutic for my soul and treasured in my heart. ❤️
Thanksgiving weekend in Arizona.🌵 #beyondthankful
These kids are the future and it’s looking incredibly bright. So thankful to spend time with them and to be able to see the world through their eyes. ✨
Before you ask “What’s for dinner tonight?”, here’s your #wednesdayweekdaymeal 
Crispy beef with broccoli. Takes 15 minutes and only requires a frying pan and small pot.
Link in bio.
It. Just. Never. Ends.
Chicken Pot Pie. It’s always a favourite in my house. 🥧 
Make a roux and add left over roast chicken and frozen veggies. Top it with puff pastry and bake to the directions of the puff pastry. And there’s your #wednesdayweekdaymeal
A good laugh with a good friend is always good for the soul. ❤️ .
The past weekend I went away from a girls getaway. The weather was amazing and the food fantastic. But my memories will always be laughing with my friends while lounging in our Airbnb. Nothing fancy. 
Thank you @alfong81 , @samanthadcheuk and my other girlfriends who aren’t on IG for a wonderful weekend.
It’s only the 2nd week of school and I already feel like it’s been months. After school activities are in full swing which means it’s all about the quick meals. 
I always keep frozen fish fillets in the freezer. 🐟 They quickly defrost, require little/no prep, and minimal attention while cooking. This fillet was cooked in a foil packet on the BBQ while the vegetables were grilling. Making it a great Wednesday #weekdaymeal
“I want a lunch that is not too cold and not too hot” she says. “Can you put peas in my mac and cheese? But not too much or not too little”. This is 6. And no one told me it would be the year of Goldilocks. .
Me: “Olivia, do you know how silly you sound”.
“Yeah 😋...”she replies. .
Always finding the humor in motherhood. #mommotivationmonday