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// Experience Simplicity //
🌿 Private Accommodation
🌿 Sustainable Forest Sanctuary
🌿 1hr from Melbourne
🔜 Renovating - Opening Soon

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We’re back!

It’s been quiet in our little corner of the woods over the last couple of weeks, and for good reason.
Autumn was away as part of her voluntary work the the GI Cancer Institute at their annual conference in Cairns, followed by a quick little holiday trip (will be sharing more on this tomorrow); whilst Sue and John went away for another module of meditation teacher training focused on contemplation and imagery. 
We are now back at work to open the doors to this humble little retreat as soon as possible! Real soon. Soon enough for you to enjoy these magnificent magnolias blooming! ✨
For those that like a cooked brekky, the other breakfast option we have for you is our ‘Hunters’ box. 
In line with our food philosophy of local, organic and mindful - it contains free range eggs, free range bacon, sourdough bread, seasonal veg (mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach etc) and seasonal fruit. 
Plus you’ll have our pantry staples on hand to cook up a feast. 🌿✨
So, about those breakfasts - introducing our ‘Gatherers’ box 🙌🏻⠀
Its all organic and local, with seasonal fruit, toasted muesli, coco yoghurt, plus we’ll throw in loaf of sourdough and an avo if they’re in season ✨⠀
GF - we’ve got you covered 👌🏻⠀
Pantry staples are also supplied - and ofcourse, are in line with our food philosophy; local, organic, mindful 🌿
// At OWWR, your breakfast is on us ✨ // ⠀
But most importantly, we know that there is no one diet that fits all. And we have first hand experience in how difficult it can be to be nourished with your unique dietary needs, particularly when you’re not at home. ⠀
For this reason, our food philosophy is simple. We emphasis local, organic and mindful food - and give you different options for your breakfast box. ⠀
And if you choose to venture out to a cafe instead, we know that breakfast is a good choice anytime of day 😂
Feeling fresh for the week! ⠀
// Thought it was time to let you see our official logo 🌿🌿🌿
Autumn spent a bit of time meditating here before and during the renovations - and she can attest to how cosy, peaceful and nurturing it is. The perfect little hideaway, and just the spot for yoga, journaling or catching up on rest with daylight savings kicking in! 🌿
Just about ready for our car park to be finished! Leading straight to the front door, and the top of the forest 🌿
Just enjoying the forest views... 🌿
‘The earth laughs in flowers’🌿⠀
-R. W. Emerson
Love is love 💚
Just for you on a Saturday morning - 
A 1 minute sound meditation in the OWWR forest // Take a deep breathe into your belly::
Give a big long sigh to exhale::
Listen to the sounds, from one sound to the next, simply noticing::
Open, curious, and without judging, just noticing::
listening, resting in this moment. 🌿
Loving our Elements mugs by @robertgordonaustralia ✨ 
Designed locally in nearby Pakenham + made to last 👌🏻 🌿