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Stay tuned to see if I disappoint my parents or not🍻 Wellington📍

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My phone is 90% dog pics #dogsofwcc
Work: hey write some words to put on a building outside the @royalblooduk show. Guys outside: hey we have a spare ticket if you want it 🤷🏼‍♀️🤓 #jammy #wgtnplan
Seal spotting at Red Rocks today with @kimberly.soo and @hannahshieldsy 🌊
Early start this morning meant I caught the sunrise on the waterfront, so lucky to have this right outside the office 🌞
Throwback Thursday to where I’d rather be (instead of in bed sick) 🙄⛵️
Missing my woof today 🐾
Loving Wellington more everyday 🌞 Finally have enough familiar faces here that I’m finding myself bumping into people around town! #settlingin
Afternoon appreciating this beautiful place 🌊
Friday night lights 💫
Waiting for Miss @caraghturner to land... for those not familiar with Wellington Airport, that thing on the left is the runway (come breakwater?) 🌊🛩