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I started listening to @eiapodcast and it is so ridiculously delightful. I wanted to spend a little more time with the objects interviewed - here is Louis, a very thoughtful and down to earth can of Go2 Cola
On a windows sill down the street from my apartment live four peppers in a purple pot. They have been growing diligently all summer. No signs of harvesting.
Trying to stay looser with my brush and my brain. Here’s something I fell in love with today.
Algae and Boat House Golden Hour | 8.26.18
Nadine’s Birth Tree with Single Apple | 8.18.18
Front Door of the beautiful and kind Γκόλφω and Τάσος | 8.10.18
Overgrown Papingo Doorway | 8.4.18
Trying to get back into the swing of things with this watercolor babe
Good morning from this joyful little backpack!
Feeling like a lucky little clown ❤️ Four more shows over at @59e59. Come and see if that clown in the background ever gets up! | PC: @russrowland
Ringing in the new year with another painting trade for me and @mcgiffjohn | Blackbird from the Animal Oracle deck | Long live artistic trades long live father-daughter-painting 🧔🏻🐦👩🏼
Ode to the 7 Train | a six year old’s love story commissioned by @dannuxoll | Hit me up for commissions! I can paint your children doing what they love! I can paint your dog riding a bike!