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✨Palo Santo✨ - the short film - 👇🌚⭐️


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French lady took this photo and said we were cute lovers @anaiszero ❤️♥️🧡💛💚💙 I’m gay but I love her 😍
kittens ! our new video for all for you is out now :) thank u everybody 🐺🕊🌑🕷
me ! for @euphoriazine 🏝🍦💗 📷-
evolving into a higher form ! thanks gq for awarding us best live act :) 💫
outfit : @palomospain 
styling : @nickroyal 
hair : @romsartipi 
make up : @elainelynskey 🙏🏻
I put some curl cream in my hair and took this photo cos @breerunway told me 2 and I want the likes :) hope u guys are good x
todays mood
had a ridiculously insane experience where I time-warped to my childhood dreams and went to Disneyland ✨ we had such a great time thank you disney cuties it was amazing 🌸 Here we are before the park opened this morning hanging with our new pals (lol @martha_kinn “c’mon Pluto you wanna be involved”) ❤️💜💙💚 @mjmjs @joellfender “mickey’s gone” 😂  @cai_revlon @mikeyyears @hollyrisbey 💙🧡💛 Nikki, Dave, Zoe, Lauren & ofc Jerome😍 🐭💕x
go listen to the angel @anaiszero new song no control it’s out everywhere now and ya boy helped write it 🤤😊✨🌸 lov u anais xx
my beauty tip is to keep your face masks in the fridge before you put them on then mmmmm it’s nice and cooling ! I’m stood in front of my fridge you just can’t tell from the photo 🐱
what’s happening with my arm ?
I found a big carrot