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Olympia Fencing Center is New England’s largest and most successful fencing center, offering foil and epee classes for children/adults of all levels.


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Emily Vermeule, 5th  in Junior Women’s Epee, at the Toruń World Championships!!
Olympia's Emily Vermeule is number one Junior in the US and one of the four epee fencers in the US Women's Epee Junior Team, alongside Greta Candreva (NY) Lola Constantino (NJ) and Karolina Nixon (LA). Emily and Coach Daniel Hondor will be in Torun Poland until the end of this week.
At only 17 years old, Emily is one of the youngest ever to score all these amazing accomplishments, including the World Silver medalist title, last year in Verona, Italy!! Emily will fence in the individual event this Friday, April 12 and, respectively, teams, on Sunday.

At the same time, we’d like to wish good luck to our foil friend and camp-mate, May Tieu, from Premier Fencing Club, and to her coach Tamer Tahoun, in this important competition!
May made the US Women’s Foil Team, alongside Sylvie Binder, Lauren Scruggs and Delphine Devore.

Congratulations and good luck!
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Flash news from the Pan American Games, Bogota, Columbia: Olympia's Emily Vermeule scored the most touches among the three US Team women epeeists (Vermeule, Candreva, Nixon), defeating Canada in the final, and winning the Gold with a final score of 45-33!! Spencer Vermeule earns the Bronze in the Cadets Men's Epee event, second in line to bring home a medal for the US!

Forty-four U.S. athletes were selected to represent Team USA at this Junior and Cadet Championship, in Bogota, Colombia.
Very happy for our students, extremely proud to be a part of a wonderful national team!! Go, Olympia! Go, Team USA!

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Junior Olympics Champions, third-year in a  row!!
Foilist Daniel Zhang wins the Juniors Men's event, in Denver, Colorado!

Ever since our first generation of fencers has grown enough to be able to participate in this Cadet and Juniors annual competition, Olympia brings home a Gold medal every year:
2017: Robert Hondor wins the Cadets Men's Epee
2018: Emily Vermeule wins Cadet's Women's Epee
2019: Daniel Zhang wins the Junior Men's Foil

Keep going, Olympia!!
Congratulations to our coaches in both epee and foil, for doing such a great job: Daniel Hondor, Kai Zhao, Shuang Meng!
Tony Whelan makes history at the Capitol Clash, with a great comeback of 9 touches down, to win the Y14 Men’s Epee!!
Welcome back, Olympia, from the 2019 Capitol Clash! Thank you fencers and parents for such a fun weekend!  Special shout out to those fencers who finished the weekend strong!
One of the most unforgetful moments of the competition is was Tony Whelan’s great comeback from a deficit of nine points,  only to win the Y14 Men’s Epee, 15-14!! Phoebe Chisholm wins the Silver in Y10 Women’s Epee, having to fence her classmate, Nour Azmeh, for the semis. Nour finished 7th, both best results in the New England Division.
Ashely Luo wins the Bronze in Y12 Women’s Epee, second best result for US fencers and best in the NE Division.

Foilist Angel Liu takes another Bronze in Y10 Women’s event.
In the Cadet Men’s foil, Daniel Zhang takes 5th place in a pool of 129 fencers.
His classmate, Jaime Yu, finishes 6th in the Cadet Women’s event.
Jordan Macarty and Lydia Shen take 6th place in Y12 Men’s Épée and, respectively, Y12 Women’s Foil.
Jordan Macarty -- 5th place Y12 Men's Epee
Liam Hanratty -- 31st Cadet Men's Epee, E'19

Congrats to all participants!
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✅ First day of the Capitol Clash was a huge success!

First, Tony won GOLD in Y14 Men's Epee after coming back from a 4-12 deficit!

Followed soon by Jaime's 7th place in Cadet Women's Foil!

Then Phoebe's Silver Medal in Y10 Women's Epee and Nour's 7th place!

And last but not least, Angel's Bronze medal in Y10 Women's Foil!

Special shout out to Phoebe for receiving a sportsmanship award after her final bout. 
Great job to all participants!

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Emily Vermeule takes the Bronze in the Division I Women’s Épée event at the January NAC.
This keeps her in #1 position in Junior’s Women Épée, and at 10th place in Senior Women’s epee in the US. Here is the final touch against Katie Angen, in the semis.
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Jonas Hansen wins the Junior Men’s Epee event at the first NAC of 2019, in Charlotte, NC!!
Emily takes the Bronze against top fencers in the US! Tied for 3rd with Francesca Bassa, Kat Holmes takes the Silver and Greta Candreva the Gold! Congratulations to Ariana Mangano, 5th place, Anna Van Brummen, 6th, Lydia Kopecky, 7th and Amanda Pirkowski, 8th place!
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