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Tanya and Jorjah
#dungeondrawingdudes 4/2/18 
The Wreck of the Wyvern
#dungeondrawingdudes 3/2/18 
Treasure Compass
The Gem of Greed - glowing as it nears gold immersed in water, this Sapphire mounted in seashell is the surefire way to find sunken treasure.
Argo Saltbeard Dwarven treasure hunter
Feb 2 2018
Dragonskull Grotto Map 
Near the coastal city of Seaport in eastern Barquay is a hidden cavern used by the pirate Dravagar the Black. 
Day one of Feb'18 #dungeondrawingdudes
The Riddle of Steal #1
Tauren from my RPG blog http://savagewarcraft.blogspot.com