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Walking around Sogndal today, it’s crisp cold but the views more than make up for it ✔️
Not in Oslo yet, but I’m getting a lot of questions about the brass details in my bedroom, especially after Niki @myscandinavianhome posted my Bedroom Before and After (have you seen it by the way? It features some tips and tricks I didn’t include in mine ;) The beautiful wall brass hooks are from @skagerak_denmark and they come in single or double version (mine is double) ✔️ The brass shelf is in the same line, not a light as many of you think ;) Also in this photo featured the beautiful Spade chair from @pleasewaittobeseated , which I @kollektedby kindly let me borrow for a few days 🙏🏼
While at the cabin, finally painted the walls a simple grey/beige 👍🏼Actually it’s the remains from the paint I used in the Oslo bedroom, Sommersne 1928 Pure color supermat from @Jotunlady. It looks so much different from Oslo due to the rest of the colors surrounding it, I think equally beautiful though 🖤
Sunday at the cabin☕️ Outside everything is covered with snow, inside there’s peace and quiet.
I’m sorry I’ve been a little bit absent last few days, there’s some things that need my attention , care and support. I hope you understand 🙏🏼 Have a great Sunday👋🏼
In between emails * if I haven’t said it before : I’m terribly sorry for my late responses, it’s really hard to get to everyone in one day, but I’ll strive to finish up my inbox by this weekend! 👏🏼👏🏼 And to everyone else thinking freelance is the calm image above, me sipping coffee and relaxing while casually working? You might be very surprised...
Anything that arrives today I’m presuming it to be a valentine gift 🖤 Thank you @aiayu , I love you too 🖤
Since I spend all weekend and half of today in the kitchen with admin work ( more on stories ), I think I will be working the rest of the day from the bedroom office. Clean + calm = 🖤 
My beautiful oak desk and the brass shelf (it’s not a light ;) are from @skagerak_denmark ✔️|| Sponsored post #danishdesign #skagerak #georg #nordicliving
Sunday’s tip : While in Stockholm me and @elisabeth_heier found a set of whitening premium toothpastes from Swedish brand @selahatindotcom ,that smell great and look quite beautiful I think. The formula is vetted by the Swedish Dental Association and contains fluoride as well as antioxidants, I’m really hopeful this will be my forever toothpaste 🙌🏼 The Escapist,  has a unique fusion of aromas that showcases Eastern and western influences with cinnamon , orange and peppermint. I’m very peculiar with aromas, usually people don’t pay so much attention to how the world smells, but I’m very sensitive to any scent. In every aspect I always end up paying much more attention to aromas, the escapist is one that I loved at first smell 🖤
After an adventurous night ( flight unexpectedly got cancelled 10 minutes before departure and had to spend the night at the hotel at the airport waiting for a flight 12 hours later ), I am finally back in Oslo in my apartment , ready for a relaxing weekend involving back to back printing of invoices and receipts for my accountant. This is not exactly my office as it looks, I have set up a space in the kitchen where I can sit with my macbook on one side and my printer/scanner on the other. It doesn't look very photogenic however, instead I photographed exactly the spot where I steal a few moments in between the paper chaos, in the living room. Stockholm was great albeit as always very tiring, my feet haven't stopped hurting and throbbing all week, although I wouldn't change a thing, especially meeting up with old and new friends! Just in case you thought my life was ideal however, I think your weekend will be better than mine by far. 
I have tea brewed in my new favorite Hario coffee serving pot ( newly bought in Stockholm), music and wood burning oven. It could be worse, I could actually still be stuck at the airport 👎🏼
One more from yesterday’s exhibition. Carefully curated objects by both @ariake_collection and @wastberglighting can be seen around the apartment at Östermalm, among my favorites the w163 Lampyre designed by Inga Sempé, for @wastberglighting .
Yesterday I visited "A quiet Reflection" , the most sought after exhibition in Stockholm during the Stockholm design fair. Located in Östermalm , what used to be the old Mexican Embassy, now privately owned and halfway through renovation, the century old apartment is turned into an impromptu art exhibition by @annaleena.interiors , in collaboration with Japanese producer @ariake_collection , @wastberglighting and a curated selection of designers and artisans, for @my_residence_bookazine . You can see and read more today at www.onlydecolove.com , link in profile 🔝
I’ve been in beautiful Stockholm for a couple of days now, between the fair and Press events, it’s quite hectic! It’s hard to share on my feed, but check my Instagram stories for my whereabouts and candid snippets! #visitstockholm