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Today’s tip : Ceramic teaspoons and cocktail spoons( all hand cast ), in black or while. The ceramic glaze is creamy and completely matte, they are made locally in Thailand , the brand behind these beautiful spoons is @mimou.se . Dishwasher and microwave safe, I use them for stirring coffee, spooning out sugar or desserts, the cocktail spoons I use for holding one bite delicious appetizers ( they stand on their own on the table) or for spooning out granola, oats etc In Norway distributed by @ellosofficial , sold in packs of 6 for just 249 Nok ✔️ Suffice to say I have bought for myself 12 of each in both colors 🙌🏼 And another tip? Check the rest of Mimou range! You’ll be positively surprised ;) ➼ ➼ The photo is edited true to color tone, this is exactly how the color and texture looks like in reality ✔️ #tipoftheday #loveagooddeal #localymade || [ad]
There’s a new design brand in town and it can now be experienced in the heart of Oslo! @warmnordic first collection consists of more than 100 furniture, lamps and accessories. Nordic design that embraces color and life and celebrates coziness with a commitment to the warm Danish and Norwegian aesthetic. Launching today at the new showroom of @novelties.no , for a sneak peek check my stories! #nordicdesign #warmnordic
New Blogpost ➼  To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nanna Ditzel’s iconic Trinidad chair , @fredericiafurniture relaunched it in 3 new shades. As seen above in light grey oak, I have chosen the location for mine very carefully. To honor Nannas design process for the chair ( in Trinidad she saw how facades of houses nearly dissolved in light and shadow), mine is placed in a way that the light will lay on it during the day and create beautiful shadows as it flows through, like a lace. ✼ Check my blogpost for more photos, the direct link can be found above ✔️ #trinidadchair #fredericia #danishdesign #amodernoriginal #designcraft #nannaditzel || [ad]
One of the most beautiful bathrooms in Oslo, I think I need to come even more often at @elisabeth_heier , maybe even use the shower too haha
Rainy summer Sunday after a month of a heat wave? Yes please!
Recreate the look ➼ ➼  Sheets from @abateoslo ( local brand, so soft!), table and accessories from @skagerak_denmark , lamps from @pholc.se . I still get so many questions about he wall colors : For the walls I used Sommersne 1928 Pure color supermat  and Space 10678 Supreme finish for wood and panels  for the lists and windows. Both by @jotunlady

And even more importantly ➼ ➼ The floors were painted before I moved in, it looks grayish but I don’t know what kind of paint was used 🖤
Morning light in the kitchen 🌾 My light braised stalks are in a wine cooler but would you know if I hadn’t told you? ;) From my favorite terra-cotta series , designed by @stilleben_dk for @skagerak_denmark . And as per Skagerak spirit of never throwing anything away : #repurposed 👊🏼 || [ad]
I have been using my Smart Bottle from @myequa for a few weeks now , (you can still find it in my highlights;) a real lifesaver for keeping me hydrated during this heatwave. I usually think I have drunk enough water during the day, but I am always surprised to see now that in fact, I didnt. Considering how important is water to us, this is a serious oversight. The EQUA bottle ( its is also insulated to keep water as cold and fresh for hours) , not only glows around its bottom to remind you to drink more, but also it connects with its app on your phone to show you how you have been doing during the day. Swipe for more photos of the bottle, the beautiful design ( detachable carrying ring, beautiful marble top), but also a look of the minimal and super easy to use app. If you want to learn more , pre order one in special price (not many left !), check the link on my profile! #myequa #mymoment #drinkmorewater#waterisimportant #designbottle #onthego#stayhydrated || [ad]
From the archives... why does magnolia season have to be so short?
Behind a soft @framacph wooden drawer system, a peak at the phenomenal candles and perfumes by @annringstrand . Quick shot while at @kollektedby today , adding to my Otto collection now that the stoneware is back in stock!
Unless you live in Scandinavia (from this part of the world) , you know this is how 20:00pm looks like! Not very styled(everything is in disarray in the room randomly placed not balanced for a “photo op”),but one of my fav corners at home right now , possibly because of the statement @pholc.se wall pendant! Irony since I barely have it lit, but it doesn’t matter, I’d rather look at it than use it at this point 🙌🏼
And if you’re in the mood for a rare rant from me, feel free to check my stories, sometimes when I have enough I burst out 👋🏼
A few days ago I introduced you through my stories to the new Smart Bottle from @myequa (you can still find it in my highlights;). Either on the go or at home, this bottle is perfect for helping me keeping track of how much I’ve drunk each day, and more importantly, remind me to reach my goals! (Oh! And it’s a thermos too keeping water super cold for hours!)The bottom will glow in set intervals and although it subtle, it’s enough to give that extra little kick I need. And with the great app that comes along with it (check my highlights to see it), it has honestly made me drink more everyday. I don’t need to list all the great benefits that water does to our body, to quench thirst seems just the byproduct ➼ Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue 
Promotes Weight Loss ➼
Flushes Out Toxins ➼
Improves Skin Complexion ➼
Maintains Regularity ➼
Boosts Immune System ➼
Natural Headache Remedy ➼
Prevents Cramps & Sprains... to name a few! 
If you want to learn more about this beautiful smart bottle and it’s design(on the top of the bottle that’s real marble by the way and the ring is removable for a more minimalistic design), and support the campaign check the link on my profile! #myequa #mymoment #drinkmorewater #waterisimportant #designbottle #onthego #stayhydrated || [ad]
Clean living room...breeze coming through the windows..let’s have a little talk 👋🏼 Lately I’ve been reading comments(not just in my account),and it feels that people think me(and others) live an unattainable life. In essence that we project a lifestyle that is not sustained, unless someone is paying for it (parents or rich husband). I can’t speak for others but when it comes to myself,my life is far from perfect. So is my lifestyle far from expensive. My parents are not rich (hello struggling Greece?) and I actually made more than what my husband did last year(though we were very close). I moved to Oslo so I could work better, and I love it, but the expenses mean I don’t really put anything aside. I have to economize to buy things (like this amazing table you see here),the shelves where on sale used and the couch actually does not belong to me, it came with the apartment. I make just enough money to live and while I’d love to be more secure, I choose this life and I’m proud for what I’ve accomplished so far. I read how people don’t read magazines anymore, or unfollow people that live extra lives because they can’t relate with them and they feel it’s fake. I’m here to tell you my life is far from extra. In fact I’m willing to bet most of the people that follow me live a much more comfortable life than me. I’m not sure why would anyone think my life is fake really. I budget, I pay my bills, if I can afford something I buy it, I certainly don’t have money for all luxuries but I choose where to spend my earnings on.I don’t have any advices, I m just here to say that you should take a look at the people you follow. You might be surprised when you look at the details of their lives and not just a photo they put on Instagram or you might see at a magazine. Good talk!