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A beautiful century old door from a trip to France almost a year ago.. I’ll be sharing tomorrow where I was back then due to an anniversary.. today just this photo for a teaser 🖤
Sunday tip : This wall lamp from @ellosofficial is following me faithfully in every apartment I live. It’s no wonder, it’s quality is great and it is proving super durable. You can see more of it up on the blog today (link in profile), but part of the tip is that until the 25th of September you can find it 20% off (423NOK I can hardly believe it!). Also the rest of their lamp collection is from 20% up to 30% off, so now you know ;) #ellos #ellosofficial #quality #affordableluxury || [ad]
Since I’ve been supremely under the weather last few days, here’s one from the archives from the beautiful @kollektedby interior shop . It looks a little bit different today , and that’s what’s great about it, the fact that you can visit it various times per year and still get a different look, inspiration, and some of the best curated designs 👍🏼
Tip : You don’t need to add a lot to the bedroom to make it really special. You just need a statement piece. Tip number 2 : Don’t be afraid to use big lamps in smaller spaces, but choose the ones that are see through and not very “heavy” . I chose the 5 arms pendant lamp from @pholc.se ( by the way it’s very affordable in the black version), and a lot of people thought I was crazy to use a clearly living room lamp in my bedroom. After I did though the result changed a lot of people’s minds ;) It’s a great statement piece, it looks luxurious and it really brings the whole room together! #scandinaviandesign #swedishdesign #pholc #pholcstockholm #statementpiece || [ad]
Not a fan of too sentimental things, but this guest book from @fermliving is hitting a cord with me. Possibly because I ve found in Oslo friends that are like family and I so much would in fact love getting small messages from them when they leave the house! These days we get to save messages, we have an innumerable amount of photos, in social media we can catch up with everyone. Imagine though, in a couple of years having a book with your best friends, your families, and anyone you care enough to welcome to your home, all leaving you with messages that will last forever. A diary of love and care. Yes please 👊🏼
And thank you Anna for thinking of me and sending this over, I didn’t know I needed it in my life until I had it 👋🏼👋🏼
@jotunlady launched this years color chart named Identity. The beautiful colors created are inspired by urban lifestyles around the world, from raw rustic to warm Nordic, and there are 3 resonant themes. Calm Identity (as seen above in a sneak peek), represents subtle contrasts and it embraces the Nordic simplicity. The Refined identity is that of a modern curator, stimulating soft greens and yellows. Finally the Raw Identity represents everything artisan, the artist who is connected with earth and values strong yet subtle tones. I was blown away by the @jotunlady color chart this year, by far my favorite of the last few years! Soon on the blog I will be sharing all the new colors, keep and eye for it! #jotunlady #jotunlady2019 #jotunladycolorchart
Found the perfect spot for my new lamp, looks quite at home there 👏🏼👏🏼 From @nuuralighting from the series Miira for everyone that was asking! #nuura #danishdesign
My beloved home office in Oslo 🙌🏼 I’ve missed it so much! 
Recreate the look of you like it too with : @skagerak_denmark Georg office desk and brass shelf, @fredericiafurniture Trinidad chair and poster (that is hiding the power outlets) from @theposterclub 👍🏼 #danishdesign #skagerak #fredericiafurniture #fredericia
Short tip for when shopping at @ellosofficial , just add a couple of their brown wax papers in your basket. It’s perfect for gift wrapping but I also use it for just about anything I need to wrap, flowers, food, etc Its so beautiful especially when it’s handled and develops natural crinkles, it almost looks like leather 👍🏼 Link in profile! Oh and I just noticed! It’s also 20% off though not sure for how long!|| [ad]
Monday full work day since almost everyone is coming back from summer vacations. Full inbox and full schedule for the whole September already. And super excited to be using @sorensenleather for some of my upcoming projects! Ready to order some samples from their catalogue 👍🏼 #sorensenleather ❤️#choosingishard
Just one week and I’ll be back in Oslo again, and I honestly can’t wait! @elisabeth_heier party all night? ( Or at least vinos at your balcony?❤️) (Another thing I miss? My desk from @skagerak_denmark , working from the sofa or dining table is just not the same at the summer house! ) [ad]
Today and tomorrow are the last days to enter the @hoieofscandinavia competition where 3 semi finalists will 7.000NOK worth of products from Høie and the winner a total of 22.000 NOK worth plus their bedroom will be featured at @kkmagazine ! Follow the link in my profile where you can submit your bedroom photos (really any will do don’t bother with styling ;) I’m part of the jury and I’ll come to the winners house with Høie to style your bedroom for the KK feature! Can’t wait to meet you!