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The impressive views of this master bedroom give a quick lesson in The history of New York architecture. From the Chrysler building to 432 park, New York has been heading up for years #OpenHouseTV
If the palm trees weren’t a giveaway that we’re in southern Florida, the red tiles and white stucco walls of this palatial home are a defining characteristic of many Spanish influenced homes in the area #OpenHouseTV
It’s true what they say about the charm of the south! Tune in this weekend for a peek inside @pataltschul’s beautiful home and a look at things Charleston. Be sure to check your local listings #OpenHouseTV
Despite the wall of windows in this living room, your eye is immediately drawn to the art placed on the wood laquer wall. Establishing the focal point for the room isn’t always architectural #OpenHouseTV
Don’t be afraid of symmetry! This well appointed master is the perfect example of how balancing features such as light fixtures and seating can add interest to any space #OpenHouseTV
Wanted: King Arthur and his knights. Situated perfectly in the corner of this palatial downtown loft, this Fornasetti table is the epitome of form and function, and is a cherished possession in the work-live home of interior designer Ken Fulk #OpenHouseTV
Great design knows no creed, color or orientation, but highlights our finest human quality - the appreciation of beauty. From all of us at Open House, have a happy and healthy new year and cheers to 2019 #OpenHouseTV
What’s better than gathering the family around a roaring fire on the holidays... gathering in a well designed room? Wishing everyone an enjoyable New Year’s Eve and close to 2018 #OpenHouseTV
These floor-to-ceiling wrap around windows beautifully frame this master bedroom. With iconic views of Central Park and 57th street, you can wake up with the city at your feet #OpenHouseTV
This red leather banquette serves not only as a great counterpoint to the wooden table and green lacquered cabinets, but also as a great kitchen table #OpenHouseTV
The double-height windows are a stunning stand-alone feature of this room. But, when paired with the oversized chandelier, you know you are in the home of a real designer #OpenHouseTV
“O Thou Beauty of ancient days, yet ever new! ” - Saint Augustine⠀
Celebration is great inspiration for design. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and holiday season 🎄#OpenHouseTV