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Merry Christmas everyone 💫
#christmas #lights #smile #blogger
“The last month of autumn, but the beginning of a new adventure; time to take risks and do the unexpected”⠀
#November #newbeginnings #quotesoftheday
Hello Friday⠀
There’s always a reason to be thankful regardless the situation. Check out what I’m thankful for on the blog. Link in the bio ✨
#blogger #fashion #gratitude
Late mornings -⠀
I never thought I would watch a tutorial on “how to eat a grapefruit” I thought these things come with instinct, you know? it’s a fruit for goodness sakes. ⠀
Turns out I was eating it wrong and that’s why I hated it the first time I tried it, now I can eat a grapefruit correctly and I love It 😂⠀
Moral of the story? Don’t be ashamed to ask for help no matter how obvious It looks.⠀
#blogger #inspiration #grapefruit #morningmotivation
Mood: when there’s food at that the event.⠀
Can you believe this dress was N500? Thrifted it with my fave @kechie.a in Abuja.
📸 @oneshotsteph 
#blogger #bloggerstyle
Couldn’t care less about the course I’m studying atm but it’s too late to switch courses 🙂🙃 -
Feel free to vent below if need be.
It’s already September? With these beauties from @timbabee what will I set out to achieve that’ll be impossible? I STAN ✨• If you’re looking for great deal, #TRENDELO is today⠀
📷: @timbabee⠀
#blogger #bloggerstyle #nigerianbrand
Cheers to the weekend 🥂 ⠀
Where’s the best cocktail spot in Abuja?⠀
#bloggers #weekendvibes
Do you love me? Are you riding? #blogger
Remain on your path and trust the process
Tuesday 💎 -
Is it just me or is Ntel’s platform always down