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When you need it fast and done properly contact us. We make ideas reality. Prototype to production, we do it all.

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Swipe over to see this stunning block of wood turn into a table. our good friends at Durante Furniture are doing this project. how can we help your next project take shape? #woodworking #cnc #madeinvancouver #3d @cronsrud and the mighty M series performing amazingly as usual.
The Jeep bed project. to date we have done a few kits for kids beds, excavator, airplane, truck. Feeling adventurous? Ask about our diy bed kits
Mixed material table. My own design. Just playing with bending aluminum and using rivets. I’ve always loved the look of ww2 planes with all the rivets. maybe I should try  live edge and aluminum legs next?
Putting our Onsrud to work making uhmw parts.
Supporting our local baseball teams with some free stencils for their field.
Oakridge sales centre moss wall, this was a really fun one to program. working one curved walls is always a challenge. turned out great!
Oakridge sales centre LEGO wall, made by us, installed by art craft display graphics.
Slab flattened on our machine for a renovation. Came out great Robert! our clients don’t have time to waste with router sleds, we take the hassle out of live edge and make it easy.
Cutting the worlds largest sheet of ramen noodles. just kidding they are acoustic ceiling tiles.
3D profiling of laminated block. #cncrouter #3d #madeincanada #machineshop #
Plastic/wood/ aluminum our massive 5ftx12ft bed can take on the biggest jobs around.  We care about our clients and make sure you are getting exactly what you need to succeed.  Our mighty @cronsrud router makes short work of even the most complicated parts.  #cncrouter #vancouversbestmachineshop #madeincanada
It was wonderful to be a part of this project with @leckiestudio and @lasallevancouver. the untitled project was a wonderful design & an intelligently executed manufacturing process.  it minimized waste and ensured a second life for this installation after the trade show.