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Needed a place to post my art stuff 💜
But you can visit my main IG here @ortolanaclare


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Doodled a quick profile pic on my new iPad Pro last night 💜 I think the expression captures my everyday mood perfectly 😂
Painted this a while ago~ I like the contrast the red has with her hair 🌹 #watercolor #watercolorpainting
More doodles with leftover paint~ this time some blues and greens 🌿🌱🦋
Mixed too much pink for the previous piece so I used it to make this spread~ 😅 I think I like it #gouache #gouachepainting #gouacheillustration
I think I’m falling in love with pink 😍 #gouache #gouachepainting #gouacheillustration
I wanted to paint the same thing but with a different colour palette but ended up using my new #gouache paints instead
Doodling kitties 🐈
I like how salt reacts on #watercolour and started experimenting a bit 😍 I love how this piece turned out 💜 
Can’t decide if I’m done with this or not~ I’m happy with it but I also feel like I need to mess with the hair a bit more 😅
Trying out some of my old #copicmarkers 😆 Haven’t used them in years so it was nice to see they still work great! Also tried out my new #sakurakoibrushpen
What am I painting? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t know yet 
#artstagram #watercolor #watercolorpainting
Drawing hedgehogs while waiting for a friend at Starbucks 🦔I wanted to draw some people too but hedgehogs were more fun 😂