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Hippos produce a “magic sweat” that protects them from sunburn. You don’t. Unprotected sun exposure can lead to skin cancer and premature aging, so wear sunscreen every time you go outdoors. Check out our story for more tips on playing it safe in the ☀️. (Source: BBC)
Planning to partake in pyrotechnics this #4thofJuly? Do so carefully: an average of 280 people go to the ER every day with fireworks-related injuries in the month surrounding Independence Day. Check out today’s story for tips on 🎆 safety. (Source: CPSC)
What’s on your bucket list this summer? Camping trips, beach days and picnics are common to-dos, but make sure you’re prepared for the outdoors with these health care tips. And check out today’s story☝️for a summer health care quiz!
Ok, so maybe this chart’s an exaggeration, but here is a fact: 40% of men only go to the doctor when they think something’s seriously wrong. Preventative care is 🔑 to staying healthy, so take advantage of the services covered by your health insurance. Check out our story☝️for a #menshealthweek checklist you can share with the guys in your life. (source: Cleveland Clinic)
This week in the news has been a sad reminder that suffering can affect anyone, and can lead to suicide. It's also called attention to a growing problem in our country: according to the CDC, the rate of suicide in the U.S. rose 25% between 1999 and 2016.

In our communities it's important we encourage each other to talk openly about this health problem, and educate ourselves on what suffering looks like and how to handle it. @cdcgov has published a comprehensive resource on suicide warning signs and prevention: www.cdc.gov/vitalsigns/suicide
The doctor is OUT. Check out our story☝️to see how Oscar celebrates #PrideMonth.
Oscar logo or beloved breakfast treat? #NationalDonutDay
Spring allergies dragging you down? You’re not alone. Seasonal allergies affect over 50 million people in the U.S. every year. Check out our story☝️for tips on surviving allergy season.
Have some fun in the sun this weekend–but don't forget the sunscreen! When it comes to your skin, there are two major health risks from getting too much sun: premature aging and skin cancer. Skin cancer cells are caused by exposure to UVA rays that are emitted by the sun. The accumulation of multiple sunburns, which are caused by UVB rays, can increase a person’s risk of getting skin cancer. #SkinCancerAwarenessMonth
From managing monthly cycles, to birth control, to OB-GYN emergencies, there are a lot of extra things ladies have to consider when it comes to health care. Fortunately, health insurance plans (including Oscar!) offer affer a number of services – most free! – to help women stay healthy throughout the year, including an annual well-woman exam, birth control options, and routine cervical cancer and breast cancer screenings. #NationalWomensHealthWeek
There’s no denying it: the mind-body connection is real. Your state-of-mind can influence your physical health as much as it affects your mental health. Anxiety can exacerbate certain medical conditions like autoimmune disorders, GI issues, heart disease, and panic attacks, which is why sooner or later, you’ll want to get your anxiety under control. #MentalHealthMonth
This #NursesWeek we’re saying thank you to all of the wonderful, caring nurses who keep our members healthy. Thanks for everything you do! Check out our story for a fun interview with Oscar nurse, Maren.