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This page is for your safety. Sometimes you get up & sometimes you don't. FB@Oshaisthisok


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“2- 5000 lb ac units fell from the 26th floor. One landed on a landing on the 25th floor one on the 24 th. Last week in ny the wind was so strong coming off the Hudson River they were blown off the roof. They were never bolted down and nobody ever noticed they were being held down by beam clamps. Nobody was hurt but the job was shut down for a few days”
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So we had lane closures on the east bound 8 in Jacumba Ca. We had finished picking up our lane closure. So the last step before we’re all done is go back and grab all our precautionary signage. I think that might have been our last, or second to last sign and we/ I would have been off. Well the guy driving that van apparently fell asleep at the wheel and what resulted was me having an angel and being saved that day 🙏🏽 dude was doing 70 mph+.
The dude stops in the video and comes running up with his hands in his head probably thinking he killed me..... I was just laying there lifeless... I got life flighted from there to scrips mercy in San Diego. Was in a comma
I suffered...
Internal bleeding in my liver
Lost a kidney
Fractured hip & torn labrum 
Broken rib
Broken C1-C2 (neck)
Punctured lung
Torn labrum (shoulder)
5th degree burns back, calf, butt
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#fbf that time the engineer said 'the soil may be contaminated' lol #isthisokosha
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GAS LINE EXPLOSION: A gas line explosion sparked a massive fire in San Francisco on Geary Blvd near Parker Ave. This video was taken by Jeff Pace, a man who works in a building that was evacuated. Firefighters were able to put out the fire after PG&E shut off the flow of gas, but not until after the fire burned at least five buildings in the area. More on KRON4.com