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It's nearly time to wrap up this year, we have one more week with students before we break, for two weeks, for Christmas.

The team at Oshun wish you all a beautiful Christmas, and look forward to all that's to come next year. 🌲🎅 This gorgeous lot, have been nothing short of wonderful for the entire year and without them Oshun wouldn't be what it is. 
I'm so grateful for them, I'm so grateful for you, I'm so grateful for all that is to come.

Big abundant, beautiful love always, Kira ✨
Our humble little space in Preston gets pretty full sometimes.

I'm so grateful to share what I love, and I'm so grateful for everyone I meet along the way.

We have one week left before we break for Christmas, come and join us for a class?

I can't wait for all that's to come at Oshun! 
Big love Yogi's ✨
Looking forward to offering more workshops like this in the new year Yogi's.

Handstands with @stelios_perogiannis
Start in January 🤸

What would you like to see more of?
Forever blossoming, forever growing, forever revisiting darkness and light.

So much to learn, so much to grow. 
Keep beginners mind always, and life will light the path for you.

How can you bring this into your life?
A good pose this holiday season.

Even for 5 minutes, (15 is better) do it, don't slump on the couch, legs up and let the wonder happen!

Who loves this?
This gorgeous soul has been behind the scenes at Oshun this year. @luz.del.abyss

You might not have even known, but we appreciate her in every little part of Oshun
She is the clean teapot, she is the clean floors she's the dedication and the beauty in everything at the studio. 
We are so grateful to have her and she made this year so much more beautiful. And as she wraps up for the end of the year we wanted to send some big love to her! .
Who's with me?
Yoga isn't about touching your toes, it's about what you learn on my way down.

What have you learnt on the way down?

See you tonight at 7.15 in South Morang and 7.30pm in Preston 🙏
What if you fall?

Better yet, what if you fly?

Flying out of the year with mindfulness, don't let the craziness take over, turn up, come to your mat, be present. 
If only for an hour. Do it 👐

See you tonight. A moment to breathe.
6.15pm and 7.30pm.

Big love ♥️
The bottom line of everything.. Only love.

Don't you agree?

Have a wonderful Tuesday we'll see you for our dynamic practice at 7pm with Sean tonight Yogi's. 
Big love ♥️
A little glimpse of us in the smaller room in South Morang.

The South Morang yogis have really been putting up with lots of room moves recently and what it made me realise, is it doesn't matter where we practice, and how much noise or how many people are in the background, we still practice together, we still share space together and we always walk away feeling the same.

I'm so grateful for all of you, and I couldn't imagine having a better group of people to visit each week.

See you tonight at 7 South Morang Yogi's 👐
Preston Yogi's join Kathryn at 6.15pm ✨
Life is better upside down even if your face is totally covered by your top. 😂 
@eatclean2 and I at @stelios_perogiannis handstand workshop. Love it! ✨👐
The sky above, the Earth below, you are somewhere in the centre.

The support of mother Earth under your feet and the wind in your hair.

Stay grounded, be free, and be centered to all that is.