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Kira & Tayla Ostwald
🧘Preston & South Morang Yoga
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Outside looking in✨
Go deeper, gather all the parts of you, and look within. In that quiet space, you arrive home. .
As simple as a deep breath.
In and outtt, in and out. 🙏
Don't force things this week, just go with it..
Less resistance, more flow.
Happy Monday!
Dedication to your practice.
At first you think your Sādhanā is a limited part of your life, and in time you realize, everything you do is a part of your sādhanā.
Ram Dass
How you spend your day, is how you spend your life🙏
Surround yourself with people that make you hungry for life, touch your heart and nourish your soul.
Sometimes there are no words, just full hearts and love. ✨
Find what lights you up, what sets your soul on fire, and share it- because when you do magic like this 👆 happens.
Gratitude to our Journey family for making it the weekend that it was. I've never seen 15 people (some that had never met), hold, support, and care for each other like that, so very special; and to The Journey team, without you this sort of magic, couldn't happen. I have the fullest heart. ♥️ Thank you 🙏
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One week to go until Retreat 🙏✨
I'm so grateful that I crossed paths with these beauties (Tayla is missing from the photo), I'm grateful for the wonder we have already created, and all the wonder that's to come. When we come together, we create magic. I know next weekend is going to be wonderful. Thanks for being by my side. #thejourneyretreat
(Check out our colour coordination 😂)
Come Home..
Happy full moon beautiful people.
This guy ☝️
@eatclean2 The Journey chef, can't wait for retreat in 3 weeks! The countdown is on!

James is passionate about good food and sharing it with people. 
We are lucky to have you! 🙏
There's still one spot left for this retreat, could you be the special person? DM us to find out more!
Happy Monday beautiful people.

Just a little reminder for your week 🙏
Some of the yummy food on the Journey Retreat.

Anyone that's been to a day retreat with us will tell you what an amazing job @eatclean2 does with the food, the best part about the weekend retreat, you get his cooking for a whole weekend 🙃

Who's excited?
Stop, breathe, reset, start again.
All day, every day, my internal mantra.
Try it, before every conversation, every thought, every coffee. Just a moment, check back in-  wonder lives there.
See you tonight Yogi's 🙏
Tayla is a fun, bubbly and bright teacher that emanates joy in all of her teachings. She loves to laugh, and doesn’t take life too seriously. We love her warmth and her positive outlook to the practice!

Who else loves this lady?

You can find her in South Morang on Thursday evenings at 7.15pm 🙏