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Surrender, let silence have you.
Surrender to the source.

It's official, Oshun, @lisaray @eatclean2 and a few other beauties are running a weekend retreat in the Yarra Valley. 👏✨ .
August 2-4. Put these dates in your diary, and watch this space for more information.

Who's excited?
Dedicate yourself to anything that elevates and embraces your heart.
Yoga sutras.
Just a reminder beautiful Yogi's we are closed for the Easter break, on Easter Sunday and Monday.
All our other classes will run as normal, so join us this week to get your practice in.
Have a wonder-full week 🙏
Have you done Pilates before and would like to continue your practice? Or would you like to start your pilates journey towards a strong, flexible and healthy body?

Join @munbau for her new Open Flow Friday course starting on the 3rd of May in Preston and benefit from all the Pilates perks!! It will run for 5 consecutive Fridays until the 31st of May.

Dm us or email muntsa.bau@gmail.com to book 🙏🌙
. 📷@lisaray
Choose your words carefully

What you think, you become ✨🌙 what you say, you're becoming. .
I think you're wonderful ✨🌈
Happy Sunday 😊
There are moments when the world makes sense, when your path lights up and shows you the way. 
When you're 'on purpose' and you know it; all of us have this same knowing, but when the noise of life takes over we forget to check in with it.

So today, can you listen for the quiet whispers, for the moments in-between the chaos and linger there for even longer, listening to what is?

Letting go of what you are, to become what you might be?

Have a beautiful week.
What presents itself externally, is a reflection of what's happening internally.

Show up, and listen. 
Share love and receive it in return.

That simple and that complicated.

I see you, I love you.
🙏 📷 @lisaray
A few of my favourite things, that I'll be using in our 'Transcending Stress and Anxiety workshop' next weekend.

Who's excited?
There is still a couple of spots left, follow the link in our bio to book.
Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet

Thich Nhat Hanh 📷 @lisaray
#thichnhathanh - so much love for his teachings and his beautiful words. Thank you @saigon_om for sharing him with us.
Where it all began

South Morang

My first class here, I sent out a free yoga session, to which 44 people arrived most of them hadn't done any yoga before, but they turned up; And so I taught them.

I had been planning my sequence for weeks and after looking at the room and getting really nervous, I taught my whole 1-hour sequence in 10 minutes. And then panicked! Who would have thought being a yoga teacher would be so hard?

I made it out the other side. That was around 6 years ago now. And teaching definitely doesn't feel hard anymore. 
Sure, sometimes I call elbows- knees, and say forearms when I mean forehead, but I'm learning everyday; I'm learning with the students as I teach them.

And it's total bliss. This is why I was put on Earth, and I'll continue to live it and share it everyday.

Thanks for allowing me to share and for being a part of it. 
See you tonight beautiful Preston Yogi's
Love, Kira. 🙏
Grow baby grow

Fall off, get back on track.. then grow. .
Ever changing, born anew.. every day!
I love my friend's

And.. I love my students

This photo is me hugging both a student and a friend. Ahhhh. Total bliss.

On retreat when I looked around the room and saw people I love, new and old, I cried. So much gratitude for their support and constant love.

How beautiful to share something you love, with the people you love?
So grateful for the beautiful people that I continue to cross paths with; for my beautiful friends, students and family, and all of you. .
So much gratitude and so much love...Have a beautiful week 🙏
This ☝️ 10 years on, and it still resonates. My first tattoo, but so much truth.

Choice. Thoughts. Life. It doesn't happen to you, you make it happen. ✨✨✨✨ Move forward fearlessly. It's all you! ✨✨ Happy Friday!