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Weekend read 💕 #coraliebickfordsmith #clothboundclassics
“Agony of King Midas” by Alab, 10 yo.
Because I DIY almost everything and because I’m quite obsessed with notebooks/paper, I made simple CM notebooks for the participants in my 2 workshops tomorrow. Handmade with love ❤️ see you all! #OurLivingLearning
After quite a challenging trek for the kids (and for the adults), the kids patiently waited for the rice to cook in bamboo. Once it was done, they ate like savages. My son proudly said that he can now survive anywhere. Haha.
Still reminiscing about our 3 day camp. There was no electricity. Just conversations in between eating, fishing, playing, climbing, and swimming. A perfect retreat from the crazy busy world.
More on our adventure up in my blog. Link in profile ⬆️
#OurLivingLearning #Savages (haha)
Our weekly Architecture session leaves us amazed. We marvel at how things were done before advanced technology, where only tools like the chisel, dolerite ball, mallet, and in this case, water, were used to plan and construct something like the pyramids. In the end, we marvel at how the mind is capable of creativity and has the knack to solve things. Also, a mind that points to a Higher Creator because how else is it possible, right?
Knowledge ought to lead the student to say, “I know that I know nothing.” And the more we all acknowledge this, the more we are open to deeper learning.
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Excited for the upcoming CM workshops I’ll be conducting this coming Saturday! You all know I can talk all day long about CM ☺️ hehe. swipe to the left to see what we will be discussing.
Join us! For more details and registration, please check profile link above ⬆️
“Gecko!” 🦎😳 happy friday!
Dalandan Juice! 🥤
💚 Perfect way to start the week. #OurLivingLearning
Everything is on hold every #WatercolorFridays 🎨 I almost forgot that I had to cook dinner 😬 First time I tried “layering”, and I’m sure I did it all wrong but who’s checking? Just create. 💛#OurLivingLearning #CharlotteMason #motherculture
⚒busy bees.
Swipe to the left ➡️ and see the 3 year old 😍
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