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2 year old golden retriever pup who loves to eat, sleep, and play! 🐾

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Dog on the loose
I sure miss my friends at @the_local_bark!! Can’t wait to go back 😛
Loved my first puppuccino!
I get to go for a walk early every morning even when it’s freezing cold outside
Decided to take a dip in the river
A nice day at home. I’m just chillin’ in the pool.
Waiting for Dad to come back from Asia 😢
Helping mommy do the dishes!
Still pooped from all the Christmas festivities 🎅🏼
I had the time of my life at @the_local_bark this week! Now I’m squeaky clean and ready for a nap 💤 #partyanimal
I love to listen to my flying friends when Dad takes me on walks by the river...too bad they fly away whenever I run over to play with them! 🐶🦆💕
Me and my girl