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We have two rescue operations to celebrate from India, thanks to our partners at IRM (Indian Rescue Mission)! Both were conducted in the same week, busting the traffickers at different hotels. Let’s thank the team for all they do! #OURrescue
We are continually amazed by the generous ways that our supporters decide to donate. This past September, a couple from the midwest asked for donations to Operation Underground in lieu of wedding presents. We are very grateful for this couple's selfless donation and support in the fight against trafficking! #jointhefight #ourrescue
In December 2015, 36 were rescued and six were arrested during an operation that took down American pedophile David Joshua Brown in Peru. Just a few months ago, one of Brown's accomplices who was missed in the initial operation was captured, and she has since identified 145 more victims from the case. With your donations, O.U.R. was able to help fund part of the initial operation and have a team on the ground to support one of our outstanding partner ministries in Latin America. We are grateful for the local law enforcement and our partner ministry involved in arresting this woman two years later, as hundreds of children's lives have been saved. Link in profile for full story #OURrescue #jointhefight
Things get heated when a group of O.U.R. undercover operatives set up a medical clinic in the middle of an unmarked village, hoping to find a missing child. Hear @glennbeck's narration of this unique mission on the latest @slave_stealer episode. (Link in profile) #podcast
Last week, the O.U.R. Southeast Asia Team had the opportunity to attend Operation Handshake, a three-day conference in Cambodia. The purpose of this operation was to bring members of the Children, Women and Families Protection Center & Anti-Human Trafficking of Provincial Police Region 2, the Cambodian Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police, an officer from the Thailand Internet Crime Against Children (T.I.C.A.C.) and members from Agape International Missions (A.I.M.) together to exchange information on combating human trafficking. The trip was a great success - continued collaboration has been agreed upon and future meetings across the borders have been established. See link in profile to read the full story. @aim_org #Collaboration
Today we highlight 3 milestones in O.U.R. history that have played a significant role in our fight against sex trafficking. Read more about why a little boy named Gardy, a Colombian operation that saved over 120 victims, and filming our operations are so important to our team and partners. Link in profile. #EndHumanTrafficking
Late last night, Operation Red Sash in the Caribbean was a success, with one suspected pedophile taken down and one 15-year-old girl rescued. The suspected pedophile was European and found with cameras, child pornography, drugs and other disgusting paraphernalia that he would use on his child victims. The authorities are searching for more of his victims, and we hope they will have success in the days to come. Keep our team and our law enforcement partners in your thoughts and prayers as they continue this operation! #OURrescue #JoinTheFight
Through YourRescue, our volunteers have raised over $700,000 from their own campaigns and fundraisers! YourRescue is our platform where you can submit your fundraising idea and connects you directly with our Development Team. Upon approval, your participants will be able to donate through the YourRescue website. Over 200 campaigns have been completed - from coast-to-coast bike rides, auctioning artwork, community fundraising events, to businesses donating their proceeds. We invite you to use your talents to support the cause! See link in profile to see past campaigns for ideas and sign up. #OURrescue #yourrescue
Volcano100 is an annual 100-mile mountain bike race in Costa Rica where over 1,000 bikers race around the Rincon de la Vieja volcano. Monica McIntyre helps co-direct the race. She and her business partner had been wanting to add an ultra-trail run to the race for a while – meaning that a select few runners would spend 22 hours running around the volcano instead of biking it.
After becoming an active volunteer for O.U.R. this year, Monica had an idea. What if the 2017 Volcano100 race adopted O.U.R.’s cause for the race? And, what if they had a few runners run around the volcano to raise awareness for O.U.R.?
Suddenly the 2017 Volcano100 race took on a whole new meaning. We love when passionate volunteers use their talents and raise their voice to shine a light on trafficking! Thank you to everyone who participated in this event to raise funds and spread awareness. See link in profile for the full story. #JointheFight #OURrescue
Did you know that natural disasters create an increased risk of vulnerability for human trafficking? Jessica Mass, Director of O.U.R. Aftercare, speaks with @fox13now on how O.U.R. helps aftercare facilities in these areas before and after disaster strikes. Medical-grade tents, hygiene kits, and on-site visits are some things the Aftercare Team gave. “O.U.R. not only arrests traffickers and rescues victims, but it does all it can to make sure children never become victims in the first place.” See link in profile for more details on what we have been doing to help, thanks to your donations. #OURaftercare
This year, you are invited to join us for the 4th Annual Gala supporting Operation Underground Railroad. Congresswoman Mia Love will be the master of ceremonies, along with performances by @leximaewalker and @onevoicechildrenschoir. The event will be held in Salt Lake City. For tickets, see link in profile. #ShineOURLight
In the latest @slave_stealer podcast, “Fernanda, Our Florence Nightingale,” show host @glennbeck narrates another story from O.U.R. This time, it is about a trafficking survivor named Camilla, as she starts the difficult and hopeful process of healing. Fortunately, Camilla does not have to do it alone. See link in profile to listen now! #SlaveStealer #podcast