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Life on Life Initiative teamed up with @timballard89 and O.U.R. to raise $100,000 to help put an end to child sex trafficking through a push-up contest. We want to thank the Life Members who raised the funds around the world in just a few months! We are excited for their ongoing support and the awareness this great group of people will spread to others. #JointheFight @lifeleadrship (see link in profile for full story)
“It’s a sad reality that some of the greatest sporting events in this country are linked to Human Trafficking,” Tim Ballard said in an interview with The Federalist about the upcoming Mayweather-McGregor fight in Las Vegas. “People don’t realize that pimps and traffickers are making big money during these events.” Read this story to find out the reality of what facilitates the sex trafficking industry, and what you can do to fight it. #EndHumanTrafficking (link in profile) @timballard89 @fdrlst
We love when people use their talents to support the cause! Check out this amazing surfboard Ryan Patterson restored and the symbolism he found behind the process. He’s auctioning it off to raise funds for #OURrescue:
“When I first saw this surfboard last year it was discarded in the corner of a little surf shop in Jacksonville, Florida. It was scarred, dented, cracked, nicked, broken, and covered in surf wax, sand, and dust. But when I laid my eyes on it I did not see those things. I saw the beauty of what it once was and the hope of what it could become again.
"When I began the process of restoring this board I sat down and began planning out the steps of what it would take. I thought about completely re-doing it to make it brand new again but then it hit me. The children rescued by O.U.R. have suffered through and overcome an incredibly traumatic experience and their scars will never completely disappear. But like all of our scars, they do not have to define us. This board's scars tell its story, but they do not define it." #ShineYOURLight (see link in profile for more of his story and to participate in his auction!)
We have reached our goal of completed hygiene kits (almost a year supply!) thanks to your generosity. If you have already contacted us about a future project to donate kits/items, we will still accept those when they arrive. Otherwise, please stay tuned for a future post on different needs from #OURaftercare! From everyone at O.U.R., we want to express our gratitude for all you do to help us give a future to survivors of trafficking. #LoveAlwaysWins
What does O.U.R. do exactly? Here's a clip from our newest video on how we are fighting sex trafficking by rescuing and rehabilitating children around the world. Spread the word-
 share this video to help us #EndHumanTrafficking (full video link in profile)
#OURrescue would like to congratulate Thailand's Department of Special Investigation (DSI) on its recent bust of a major multinational trafficking ring that allegedly forced Moroccan women into prostitution at Bangkok bars. We are grateful to support DSI as it continues to prioritize cases of human trafficking and works tirelessly to target and arrest those who would exploit innocent humans. See link in profile to read the news story. #EndHumanTrafficking
In lieu of today’s news story about a brave woman who spoke up, we thought it would be helpful for you to know what to look for when it comes to trafficking. If you don’t know the signs, read our blog to learn how you could help save a life. (link in profile) #SeeSomethingSaySomething #EndHumanTrafficking
As a preschool teacher sat in her airplane seat on her way to California, she noticed the text messages being sent by a man in front of her were about child sex abuse. She quickly took pictures of the texts and brought the evidence to a flight attendant. The man was detained when the airplane hit the ground. Because of this teacher’s courage to say something, this abuser was arrested and two children were rescued. As a community member, don’t be afraid to look for the signs and say something; it may save a child! See link in profile for the full story. #SeeSomethingSaySomething #EndHumanTrafficking
Did you know there are currently an estimated 250,000 children who are sold into the sex trade industry in the U.S.? @timballard89 speaks with @thenancygrace with Crime Online about what is feeding this industry in our own cities. See link in profile to listen. (🔊for a preview!) #podcast #EndHumanTrafficking
Operation Underground Railroad would like to congratulate federal prosecutors and investigators in the Dominican Republic's Special Prosecutor Against Human Trafficking, for their recent success in "Operation Capotillo," which resulted in the arrest of a mother who was creating child pornography with her five- and seven-year-old daughters. The Dominicans were able to launch this case thanks to O.U.R.-sponsored cyber investigative and anti-pornography training in May 2017 along with Wisconsin's Fox Valley Technical College. We look forward to continuing our efforts to empower law enforcement around the world to fight child exploitation and child sex trafficking. #Collaboration 
#EndHumanTrafficking @foxvalleytech
O.U.R. Aftercare Director, Jessica Mass, shares a story with us about a young boy in Thailand that recently saw his abuser put in jail. This young boy is grateful that he was rescued and is now living in freedom in an aftercare home in #Thailand. We are thankful for the aftercare facilities that support our survivors! Link to full story in profile. #OURaftercare #collaboration
“Operation Underground Railroad was able to donate reading books and school supplies to a local South American program that teaches children to read, helping them to pass certain literacy requirements so they are eligible to attend school. We help teach the children weekly, but the main work is done by locals that care. A group of fifteen children are taught daily by a local university student that donates an hour of out of his schedule. In just six weeks many of them have become eligible to attend school, thereby reducing their risk of being trafficked.” - The Johnson Family, South America O.U.R. Aftercare Volunteers. To hear more about this program and how your donations are helping these survivors' education, see the link in our bio. #OURaftercare #KnowledgeisPower