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We rescue children from slavery | www.ourrescue.org #OURrescue #EndHumanTrafficking


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We are excited to announce a new documentary featuring O.U.R. will be coming out in a few months! Thank you to @russellbrunson and @nicknanton for producing “Operation Toussaint”. We can’t wait to show it to the world. #ourrescue #EndHumanTrafficking
With O.U.R. support, Colombia just opened the first forensic lab dedicated to fighting exploitation in South America! The computer lab was dedicated in the name of Yuliana Martinez-Samboni, who was kidnapped at seven years old. Link in profile for full story. #ourrescue #colombia #endhumantrafficking
On Friday at 2pm MDT, two of our team members will answer your questions about O.U.R.’s relationship with law enforcement. Be sure to tune in to this unique Facebook Live event (facebook.com/our rescue)! >
We are still receiving submissions for questions. Leave your questions in the comments below by midnight tonight (Thurs 3/22 12:01am). #ourrescue #fblive
@brookeence and five other NOBULL athletes each created unique pieces of art using their bodies and workout equipment as paintbrushes. The @nobullproject auctioned off all of the pieces, promising 100% of the proceeds to each athlete’s charity of choice. Brooke Ence chose O.U.R., and her painting sold for $20,000! We want to thank her for her support, which will help us liberate more children around the world. Link in profile for a video on how the painting was made. #ourrescue #EndHumanTrafficking
O.U.R. would like to congratulate the government of the Dominican Republic for their continued work with Operation Capotillo, which resulted in a 10-year prison sentence for the trafficker. The victim's trafficker in this case was their mother. In 2017, O.U.R. sponsored a cyber investigative training that resulted in the opening of this case. We are committed to working and training local governments to help bring freedom to more children. See link in profile for the original story on Op Capotillo. #ourrescue #EndHumanTrafficking
56 RESCUED! Our partners, Indian Rescue Mission (IRM), received intel about two karaoke bars that were holding over 20 girls each illegally. These bars kept the girls hidden during previous raids, so the police were never able to find any girls when they searched. IRM planned Operation Ruby with the local police to rescue the girls. The bar owners were arrested and over 20 girls were found in each bar. The girls were taken to a local government shelter to begin their healing process and life of freedom. #ourrescue #india
These three operations were recently conducted in India by our partners Indian Rescue Mission. We are grateful that the six survivors rescued are now FREE. Tag a friend who might not know about us! #OURrescue #EndHumanTrafficking
Healthcare professionals are in a unique position to recognize victims of child trafficking. Some signs may include someone else speaking for them, inappropriate dress for the current weather, suspicious tattoos or branding, and/or physical or sexual abuse. We are grateful for all the healthcare professionals who work so hard to serve our communities and children! Link in profile for full article. #ourrescue #jointhefight
(Swipe left for more!) In order to most effectively fight human trafficking, it is important to learn about the common myths and misconceptions about it. Follow our link in profile for our latest blog post about 5 myths and realities of sex trafficking. #ourrescue #endhumantrafficking
O.U.R. partners with aftercare social workers all over the world. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all their hard work they do everyday. Survivors receive quality care from these workers who sincerely love them. We have a team of social workers in Thailand, aftercare volunteers in the Dominican Republic, interns in Peru and so many more incredible people around the world! Happy National Professional Social Worker Month to all of you who serve day in and day out!! We appreciate you and stand with you in your work. #ourrescue #socialworkmonth
Today is CNN’s #myfreedomday, where students and schools all over the world hold events to spread awareness of modern-day slavery. We love seeing young students joining the fight against human trafficking all over the world! (Check out our story to see what students have to say!) #ourrescue #jointhefight
Check out Operation R&R conducted last year in Peru, one of the more recent countries we now work with! Special thanks to @aseaglobal for sponsoring this rescue operation. Link in profile for full video. #OURrescue #Peru