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Wilderness adventures, trekking vacations and outdoors community. Custom guided trips and expeditions in 🇨🇦BC and 🇳🇵Nepal. #AdventureYourWay


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I've had the pleasure of spending the last 4 summers seeking new treks in the West Coast mountains of BC. Designing treks for Outdoor Explore requires a lot of time scouring maps, searching for trip reports, and then exploring the mountains to test a route. It often doesn't work out, or ends in a crazy bushwhack, but it's always an exciting adventure. Those that pass the test get put on our website and into our calendar. They are specifically designed to escape the crowds and get deep into the wilderness. I love to disconnect and immerse myself in the natural beauty of this place. My hope is that our treks reflect my own love for these mountains, and showcase the best that BC has to offer. #AdventureYourWay
Years ago, before the idea of Outdoor Explore had even popped into our brain boxes, we all somehow found our way to the West Coast of BC. We had our own dreams of big adventures in the mountains, and before long we were hitting the trails together. We started easy, with simple camping trips to alpine lakes. Now we try to avoid any trails on our personal trips and go to obscure, nameless mountains or try for first ascents of distant peaks. But sometimes it's nice to go back to where it all began; to stand and admire the mountains instead of battling our way to the top; to take in the beauty from afar and enjoy the company of good friends. #AdventureYourWay
The company who keeps us well fed in the mountains had launched a new campaign - Food For Everyone.
Food for Everyone is a social responsibility project started by @nomadnutritionco aimed at solving the problem of food insecurity in our community. Its goal is to create a continuously growing Food Bank of Nomad Meals through engaging local communities, socially responsible companies and volunteer organizations to provide food to those in need. For more information about the Food for Everyone campaign, and to make a donation please visit http://foodforeveryone.ca/ #FoodForEveryone  #nomadnutritionco  #NomadFoodBank #adventureyourway
The sun sets on our last hike of the year. The skis are waxed and ready to go! Bring on winter!!! #AdventureYourWay #winterwonderland
Winter is coming! Spent the long weekend down in Washington. What an amazing area and a beautiful hike, despite the cold #AdventureYourWay
Mr Canoe Head. Portaging is hard work, but it beats this rain any day! 
The classic 'Where did the coffee go?!' digging through the food barrel. Who's missing summer canoe tripping right now? #AdventureYourWay
Nothing beats camping on the beach with a campfire at sunset. We got a few chances to do this during the summer, and it was awesome! Chill with us on an idyllic beach in BC next summer.
Paddling on the sunshine coast in the summer. It's one of the best ways to explore BC and discover true wilderness.
Well, it's snowing! Time to hang up the hiking boots and strap on the ski boots. We're so excited for the winter ski season! 
British Columbia has some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery in the world. Join us in 2019 for exciting multi-day wilderness treks.
Exploring the mountains North of Pemberton in British Columbia on our Middle Earth Trek. You can join this trek next year!