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In the heat of panic, Qiao fires a gun to protect the man she loves. For him, she serves five years in prison, but upon her release, she finds that gang loyalty can be stronger than romantic ones. Covering nearly two decades, Jia Zhang-ke’s latest epic ASH IS THE PUREST WHITE is an ode to innocence shattered and the classic Hong Kong gangster films that continue to resuscitate the heart. Get tickets: #SDAFF2018
Scrambling just below the radar is a rag-tag family that subsists on petty thievery. When they decide to take in a young girl from the cold, the unspeakable secrets that hold this improvised household together start to spell danger. Creative living and the hardest bonds to break enliven this nimble and heart-wrenching winner of the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Tickets are selling fast to #SDAFF2018's SHOPLIFTERS 万引き家族 on Nov. 16 & 17:
The “bystander effect” is twisted into box office thriller gold as an ordinary salaryman witnesses a murder outside his apartment complex and says nothing. Eye contact with the murderer has placed a target on his back, and a terrifying cat and mouse game plays out in the halls and stairways of a once-safe home. Get tickets to THE WITNESS 목격자 on Nov. 12 & 14:
Two strangers with the same last name meet serendipitously while traveling to the beautiful island of Palawan where everyone mistakes them for a married couple. With the shy heart of Before Sunset, their romantic musings and meanderings twist and turn toward an unpredictable destination. Get tickets to MR. AND MRS. CRUZ on Nov. 9 & 15:
In BIG BROTHER, Donnie Yen plays Henry Chen, a former U.S. Marine returning to the scene of the crime — in this case, his Hong Kong alma mater where he was once a troublemaker, the “naughtiest” in the entire class. Interpreting a message from an eagle that started following him on his post-military travels, Chen decides he needs to go home and help bring up his juniors. Get tickets to #SDAFF2018’s BIG BROTHER 大師兄:
GO-GO SISTERS follows the lives of six high school girls, from the days leading up to the events of the Fall of Saigon, to their lives as middle-aged women in present day Ho Chi Minh City.

The girls, calling themselves the Wild Horses, protect each other when needed, fighting their rivals and sometimes each other. Despite that, they vow never to leave each other’s side, a promise made especially poignant when in present day, one of them discovers their former group leader is battling late-stage cancer. Don’t miss the remake of the Korean hit SUNNY (#SDAFFSpring ‘12) GO-GO SISTERS Tháng năm rực rỡ only on Thurs. Nov. 15:
The Tang Dynasty’s most beloved sleuth returns to the big screen to outsmart secular and supernatural forces in DETECTIVE DEE: THE FOUR HEAVENLY KINGS, while fending off an imperial army intent on nabbing a deadly scepter. All which to say, the stage is set for another colorful Tsui Hark extravaganza of choreographed wizardry, shown for the first time in North America the way it was meant to be seen: in 3D. Nov. 10 & 13:
As an artist who produces street performances that address contemporary social issues, Sophia also attempts to make whimsical YouTube videos that she hopes will boost her career. #SDAFF2018's WHITE RABBIT reflects a young queer Asian American woman’s struggles with making a living as a content creator. Catch this film at #SDAFF on Sat. Nov. 10 to see what Sophia has decided for her life:
Hak-Soo’s big chance to succeed as a rapper is interrupted when his father suddenly falls ill and he must return to his hometown. As he realizes nothing has changed, he begins a humorous and heartwarming journey to reckon with an unwelcome past. 
Get tickets to SUNSET IN MY HOMETOWN 변산 on Sat. Nov. 10 and Fri. Nov. 16 screenings at #SDAFF2018
“I’ve known all along, that my dad was gay.” DEAR EX tells a dramatic story from a son’s point of view thru the struggles of his mother’s life experience.  After Song Chengxi’s father’s death, his mom Liu Sanlian got into a monetary battle with Jay, who not only was the insurance beneficiary of her husband but also the “manstress” in her marriage. Don’t miss Dear Ex (2018 SDAFF) on Fri. Nov 9 & Mon. Nov. 12 at #SDAFF2018:
A cinematic turducken of food movie wrapped in a love story marinated by Singapore's multi-ethnic history. Two iconic dishes and one iconic director come together in a Japanese chef's search for his Singaporean mother's soup recipe, discovering forbidden love and family rifts swimming in the broth. Foregoing nostalgia, Khoo vividly portrays the ways political histories reinvent the very food we eat.

Get tickets to Closing Night Film & Afterparty: Ramen Shop 情牽拉麵茶 on Sat. Nov. 17 at 7:15PM:
Take two mega-famous (and mega-handsome) male leads and one beautiful upcoming Thai-Norwegian actress and you have all the makings of a perfect love triangle comedy…but this triangle is between a girl, her boyfriend…and her big brother? ⠀
Starring Sunny Suwanmethanont (@sunny_suwanmethanont), Urassaya Sperbund (@urassayas), and Nichkhun Horvejkul (@khunsta0624). Get tickets to BROTHER OF THE YEAR น้อง.พี่.ที่รัก at #SDAFF2018 on Sat. Nov. 10 & Sun. Nov. 11:⠀