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Presenters of the San Diego Asian Film Festival #SDAFF (Nov. 2019) #SDAFFSpring (April 11-18, 2019) #ReelVoices & #ChewTheScene

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A big congratulations to SONG LANG for winning 2019 #SDAFFSpring Audience Award and for being the first Vietnamese film to receive this honor in SDAFF history. 
From filmmaker Leon Le: "I’m very sorry I couldn’t be there in person to accept this award. I am currently in Beijing doing research for my next project. I was quite nervous for Song Lang’s California premiere, as this is the State has the biggest Vietnamese population. They most likely will know and remember very well what life was like in Saigon in the 80s and will have their own expectations of how it should be portrayed on screen. I hope this lovely award means that my team and I did not disappoint them. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Congratulations, again!
Diệp Lang, a prolific Vietnamese theater director as well as the family and friends of Director Leon Le (SONG LANG) were in attendance tonight for our #SDAFFSpring screening of SONG LANG. Thank you for honoring us with your attendance and support!
See the first onscreen collaboration of father-daughter duo of Anil and Sonam Kapoor in EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA—a story about love & relationship, Thurs. April 18 at 7PM: #letlovebe #loveislove
If Wong Kar-wai had directed Chen Kaige’s Farewell My Concubine it would look something like SONG LANG. But director Leon Le’s latest film, about the unlikely relationship that forms between a ruthless debt collector and a cải lương (Vietnamese opera) actor whose troupe seeks a loan after falling into financial trouble, stands on its own as a stunning exploration of the persistence of cultural form and the possibilities of queer love in postwar Vietnam. Its portrait of urban 1980’s Saigon is striking, but perhaps not as much as the intense, burgeoning chemistry that develops between its two male leads — subdued yet powerful in its exploration of friendship and attraction. Weaving together reality and on-stage opera performance, SONG LANG is a masterclass in repression that, by its final act, is sure to leave viewers suspended in despair and longing. Get tickets to #SDAFFSpring’s SONG LANG TONIGHT at 7:50PM:
April 15 is tax day so take 15% off all films at #SDAFFSpring today only with code: TAXDAY! See our lineup and get tickets:
Here's what you missed at #SDAFFSpring Opening Night! Get tickets to the rest of the 2019 San Diego Asian Film Festival Spring Showcase:

A special thanks to our Showcase sponsors:  @wawanesaus @stellaartois @zionmarket @williammalefoundation @kpbs @sandiegouniontribune @dpidirect & @southwestair
Thanks to our restaurant partners @sansaisushigrill @bjsrestaurants @yogurtlandinc @whichwich & @intermezzoespresso for providing our passholders with discounts throughout #SDAFFSpring!
There are only THREE hours left until our #SDAFFSpring Opening Night Film: FIRST NIGHT NERVES In celebration, we are doing a FLASH SALE for $2 off tickets for the next 25 purchases of tickets to FIRST NIGHT NERVES with code STANLEYKWAN! Limited tickets remaining! Get tickets now:
Aruna is an epidemiologist tasked with investigating an avian flu outbreak. However, as a die-hard foodie, she wasn't going to miss out on her culinary road trip with her two best friends. While she alternates between biohazard suits and Indonesian dining, an old colleague and crush trails closely behind. Watch friendship and food collide in ARUNA & HER PALATE on April 12 & 15 at #SDAFFSpring. Tickets:
He is Rianto, a Javanese dancer, and he wants you to feel in your bones the ecstatic movements of his limbs and hips. This is the story of his body as a vessel for tradition and pleasure. As we witness his upbringing from village boy to young adult, we find that his body is a vessel for self-discovery as well. He’s enchanted by the lengger performers, men who dance the roles of women, and is soon himself careening to the music after being recruited by the local dance troupe. With Suharto’s crackdown on artists playing out in the background, his body will flee from village to village, encountering violence and suspicion, and somehow, love.⁣
Watch MEMORIES OF MY BODY at #SDAFFSpring on Sat. Apr. 13 at 5:40PM at UltraStar Mission Valley:
The perfect mix of crazy house parties, family feuds, and hidden love, EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA brings queer presence to the ever popular Bollywood stage. You won’t want to miss #SDAFFSpring’s Closing Night film on April 18 at 7PM. Get Tickets:
Set against the backdrop of war-torn Korea, SWING KIDS follows one ragtag team of tap dancing POWs. Featuring an African American team leader, a Chinese soldier who just wants to dance, a South Korean man desperate to find his wife, and the brother of one of North Korea’s most notorious fighters. Watch as EXO’s D.O. taps his way through political tension, internal struggle, and language barriers. #SDAFFSpring’s SWING KIDS plays April 13 at 7:55pm and April 16 at 8:10pm. Get Tickets: