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Solar Eclipse Aug. 21, 2017 - My bulldog Rocco started acting mad two days before the eclipse - didn't want to go out, sat in the same spot for hours trying to catch "air" flies, failed to respond to human interaction, didn't want to sleep in his cot (which he loves). I was really concerned that something was wrong with him, but didn't really think about the eclipse having an effect on my dog. Happy to report today Rocco is absolutely normal again. Who would have thought !!!
The most stubborn bulldog ever.
Rocco keeps beggin' till he gets what he wants - your food.
Rocco in anticipation of 4th of July
Rocco is spending time in Los Angeles until I return from Australia .....沍ュ沚歴沚役沚、沍ョ洫笨茨ク
Scrapbooking and photo/video editing on my iPhone - easy !!!
Layering and juxtaposing for iPhone - my new hobby
Rocco Calvi Bonaparte. #LoveBulldogs
Rocco Calvi Bonaparte. #LoveBulldogs
Rocco Calvi Bonaparte. #LoveBulldogs