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"Learn from their pain to focus in on the present" - #BeUnafraid live your #UnafraidLifestyle
Can't wait to share @ the workshops!! #Rensta #Repost: @mzembepictures via @renstapp โ€œ What does @pacharomzembe bring to the one day FITACTORS Workshop? Make sure to subscribe @ to be notified on the next availble FITACTORS Workshop!! โ€
LEARN a little about the bigger bro @gideonmzembe #Rensta #Repost: @mzembepictures via @renstapp โ€œ What does @gideonmzembe bring to the one day FITACTORS Workshop? Make sure to subscribe @ to be notified on the next availble FITACTORS Workshop!! โ€
#TGIF -- Finish the week off with a bang!! #BeUnafraid live your #UnafraidLifestyle #Rensta #Repost: @garyvee via @renstapp โ€œFamily, itโ€™s time to stand up, we are so blessed with the opportunity of the maturity of the internet, so much of society is spending their energy at looking at all the shortcomings of this incredible addition to the human race however I am unable to see anything other than this incredible platform and era in the human race is nothing but a platform that exposes who you really are, and for a lot of you, you are a winner who hasnโ€™t fully gone all in on the massive potential of the modern Web!
I wrote this book for you.
And this quote is for you, this dedication is for you, this power drops 1/30 and I canโ€™t wait for you to read it.
Tag someone who sees this or needs to.
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#TBT to my first ever professional stage play "Antigone" at @belvoirst directed by Chris Kohn. Glad to have had an amazing cast to aid this little nervous wrecking ball straight out of drama school. Set the tone for everything else that has come!!
#LateNightIntoMorningINSPO -- "The passion that burns in your soul helps to sustain you through difficult times. This fire creates the energy to overcome obstacles and solve problems. It also creates the momentum to take you closer to realizing your dreams. Fuel your passion everyday!" -- #BeUnafraid live your #UnafraidLifestyle
Do the WORK thats required to fufil what you want or need. The same enegery placed in simplifying or evading can better be used "executing". Have an #unafraid & #productive day today #BeUnafraid live your #UnafraidLifestyle
#Rensta #Repost: @mzembepictures via @renstapp โ€œ T H A N K Y O U from the youngest Mzembe @winniemzembe!! Follow us on Facebook & Instagram using the handle @mzembepictures! Subscribe to receive our latest news & production updates @ "
Showing love to all my American brothers & sisters whom all celebrate MLK DAY & to all the men and women victim to such a time in the world. Though still fighting the same fight, we hope to feel we've built on the sacrafices made by yourself & all the brave men & women of the movement. Easily one of the toughest and most fulfilling experiences to have stepped into the shoes of MLK. Largest lesson learnt. "It's all within us" #BeUnafraid live your #UnafraidLifestyle
For the better half of a year the older brother @gideonmzembe & I have been working hard to bring our passions together to share with you all!! First big goal of 2018 almost out the blocks!! #Rensta #Repost: @mzembepictures via @renstapp โ€œ With over 10 years experience in their respective industries brothers Gideon & Pacharo Mzembe team up to deliver a one day intensive workshop covering both the fundamentals of Stage & Screen acting whilst laying a positive foundation through introductory life coaching and fitness exercises -- Subscribe to Mzembe Pictures @ to be notified on the next available FITACTORS WORKSHOP!! โ€
#TGIM!! Head down, put in the work, enjoy the breaks & be greatful for all the postive people in your life. Have an #unafraid & #productive day to kickstart the week!! #BeUnafraid live your #UnafraidLifestyle
L I L  S I S T E R in action!! #Rensta #Repost: @winniemzembe via @renstapp โ€œ Thankful to @callumzero of @thehoundthefoxcollective for sharing his passion with me. For allowing me to be free and careless throughout this shoot. Love his devotion to the arts. He truly has a unique eye. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ“ธ #art #photography #heisamazing โ€