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PACT Zollverein is an initiator and venue for seminal developments in the fields of dance, performance, theatre, media & fine arts. #pactzollverein

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🏖️ The "Park-Platz-Picknick" (car park picnic) just started and it's getting busy...Join us for some summer music, delicious food and games! ❤️ A big thank you to everyone involved! #WeloveKaternberg #Summer #ParkPlatzPicknick
🍦❤️🌞 Yummy! Listen to the sound of Syrian ice cream in the making! Join us later & treat yourself some delicious ice cream at the "Park-Platz-Picknick" (car park picnic) at the @werkstadt_katernberg. Starting at 5pm! #summerinthecity #gettogether
The new #PACT programme is here!

Look forward to a varied second half of the year with #dance, #performances, #concerts, installations, #exchange formats, workshops and much more.

Among others with Mamela Nyamza, Marlene Monteiro Freitas (both at the Ruhrtriennale), Polymer DMT / Fang Yun Lo, Jefta van Dinther, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Meg Stuart & Jompet Kuswidananto / Damaged Goods, OBLIVIA, a new edition of #IMPACT (Forensic Architecture, Paul Feigelfeld & Jaya Klara Brekke, Chris Kondek & Christiane Kühl et al.) and much more.

The complete programme can be found on our website.

🌞🍦 🏜️ The preparations for this weekends "Park-Platz-Picknick" (car park picnic) at the @werkstadt_katernberg are in full swing. Join us on Friday for an unusual, colorful picnic celebrating our neighborhood with friends and everyone who wants to join us for some games and workshops, Syrian ice cream, cold drinks, and Libanese food.
Fun and games with cactus #bowling. As part of the "Lateral Thinking: Art + Play" series at @werkstadt_katernberg, classic games are reinterpreted.

P.S. Don't forget to join the car park picnic! It will also take place right in front of the WerkStadt next Friday, 20.07. 17h.

#pactzollverein #werkstadt #katernberg
It’s not long before the #ruhrtriennale begins. Today the preparations for “The Factory“ of Mohammad Al Attar and Omar Abusaada have started. The co-production of Volksbühne Berlin with the Ruhrtriennale can be seen at PACT from August 11th.
#pactzollverein #volksbühne
Good neighbourliness in #Katernberg! At noon, the Women‘s Association Ana-Tolia e.V. and @werkstadt_katernberg provided the students of @thisisfolkwang with Turkish specialities. Now they can start well strengthened into today‘s issue of #Screenings and #Artist Talks at #PACT. Today‘s guest: film artist Anja Kirschner. The event is public and starts at 6.30pm, admission is free.
Cheerful atmosphere at yesterday's summer open air. Thanks to #47SOUL, #SAD and you, our guests, who celebrated with us into the night!
#pactzollverein #summernights #seasonsend
On the occasion of the end of the season there will be a full program again today. The „DO’s and DON’Ts“ truck takes to the streets of #Essen for the last time and from 20h on the PACT terrace is danced and celebrated to the #music of @47soul and @sadfornoreason. Entrance to #Summer Open Air is free, so bring your #friends, take a cool #drink and join the #celebration!
During their #residency at #PACTZollverein Simon Hartmann and Daniel Ernesto Müller (@hartmannmueller) worked on their #performance "my saturday went pretty well until I realized it was monday". At our #journal you can find an #interview with them talking about #creative working methods & the link of today’s #bodies and #capitalism. #ArtistsinResidence #ResidencyInsights
Join us at the close of the season for our traditional #SummerOpenAir, this SAT, 07.07. We start with a #concert by @47soul whose unique sound fuses traditional Middle Eastern #streetmusic with electronic beats and influences from hip-hop, funk and rock. Afterwards the duo SAD is linking electronic music with influences from hip-hop and house. Free admission!
During her #residency at #PACTZollverein #choreographer and #dancer Alma Toaspern deals with the often abstruse and illogical dramaturgy of #dreams. Take a look at our #Journal’s #interview with Alma to get an #insight to her current work. Link in bio #ArtistsinResidence #ResidencyInsights