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PACT Zollverein is an initiator and venue for seminal developments in the fields of dance, performance, theatre, media & fine arts. #pactzollverein

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During their #residency at #PACTZollverein Amanda Romero, Greta Salgado and Constanza Javiera Ruiz explored the performative repertoire of ›#Tinku‹ which is a #Bolivian #ritual and #dance. An #interview towards their piece ›.DENCUENTRO'‹ with insights to their physical studies is now online at the #journal on the website (Link in bio). #ResidencyInsights #ArtistsInResidence
#ArtistsInResidence: For their project ›cry me a river – a quest for the source‹ Katja Dreyer & Karen Røise Kielland hiked from the mouth to the #source of the #river #Styx in #Greece. Following the mythologically legend #Achilles was rendered (almost) #invulnerable after bathing in the water and servereal other #myths refer to the Styx. At the #Journal you can find an #interview that gives an insight to their journey, asking how these stories are constructed, how they are preserved and how they change over decades. Link in bio #PACTZollverein
2018 is almost over, but: it was splendid! We’re sending a big „thank you“ to everyone, who made this possible, first and foremost all artists and visitors! Merry Christmas and have a wonderful, relaxing holiday break! And let us tell you, there are already plenty reasons to look forward to 2019 in our upcoming program, which – by the way – also offers some perfect last minute presents:
With the closing today of #ProsperHaniel the end of an era has finally come: PACT wishes miners everywhere the very best of luck: #GlückAuf ! The former pithead baths where #PACTZollverein is now located, served as the changing rooms and showers for around 3000 miners at the colliery @zeche_zollverein until 1986.
We had a great #christmas edition of the ›PACT Café‹ - #singing, #dancing and eating #gingerbread together. Happy Holidays and see you after the short winter break! The ›PACT Café‹ will welcome you again every Wednesday from 09th January on.
#Artisttalk with @oblivia2000 and the ›young radicals‹ from Essen:

The young performers talk about what it's like to suddenly dance an #algorithm instead of #hiphop and street dance, how they improved their English in the rehearsals which lasted several months, why they have particularly severe stage fright when their #dance teacher sits in the audience and why from now on they will always read the #financial section of the newspaper.

Typically unconventional, the audience is also questioned by the young people in the end - and thanks them for two great performances of ›Children and Other Radicals‹.
›Children and other Radicals‹ are entering the stage today and tomorrow! @oblivia2000 have teamed up with young people from #Essen to openly question cooperation between different #generations, #power #structures and the role of #money. Their #performance invites adults and young viewers to create #visions together. #PACTZollverein
#Unboxing: our new programme for January and February 2019. Following our traditional ›Open Day‹ the main stage will be entered by John The Houseband turning Tchaikovsky's
›The Nutcracker‹ up side down. Up next are two German premieres: @iankaler / @cullbergbaletten with ›ON THE CUSP‹ (music by @planningtorock) and BERLIN with ›True Copy‹. Last but not least:  Ensemble @Musikfabrik with whom we’re kicking of a new concert series. What a start to the new year! We’re looking forward to seeing you around at #PACTZollverein.
What a pleasure to see all these #choreographies on stage: For four days ›#DYNAMO‹, the dance platform for young people, was all about #youngvoices in #dance and #stage presentations of dance pieces made by young people under the expert guidance of #dancers, #choreographers and dance teachers at their schools, youth groups or dance clubs. In addition to the public #performances, the platform offered young dancers a chance to discuss what goes on behind the scenes of a professional #theatre in an accompanying programme of #workshops at #PACTZollverein. Thanks to all the people involved @junge_stimmen_im_tanz @_mitohnealles_
In the context of #Dynamo the #performative #documentation ›#NOFEAR - Wir haben keine Angst, wir wollen alles!‹ once again was shown at PACTs main stage. 👏 to the young collective @_mitohnealles_ , a project conducted by the Young Triennial (@ruhrtriennale) with the support of #PACTZollverein. In addition to this and ohter public performances, the platform Dynamo offered young #dancers a chance to get to know what goes on behind the scenes of a professional #theatre in an accompanying programme of #workshops.
The stage programme of #Dynamo – Young #dance platform #NRW started with four great #choreographies by children and young people from different dance collectives and #school classes. The next block of short choreographies can be seen this Friday at 14:00! Today the young #artist #collective of the #Ruhrtriennale enters the main stage with their #performance ›#NOFEAR - Wir haben keine Angst, wir wollen alles!‹. #PACTZollverein
First impressions of Dynamo - Young dance platform NRW (04.- 07.12.). ✨ PACT welcomes the young performers, #dance mediators as well as all interested young people and adults. Today the public programme started - take a look at our insta-stories to see more! Coming up on stage: ⭐ 06.12., 14:30: ›#nofear – Wir haben keine Angst, wir wollen alles!‹ by @_mitohnealles_ , the young artists' collective of the @ruhrtriennale ⭐ 07.12., 14:00: 4 x short choreographies Photos: © Sabine Große-Wortmann. Check also @junge_stimmen_im_tanz for more insights of #Dynamo