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Beautiful Rye 🌿
One tired pooch on our hands today 💤
Fetch me my dinner, hooman!
But look at him though, he's so handsome and he sits like a little old man 💙
Off to see the house we really like again tonight - eek! I will be so sad to say bye to our little apartment on the Marina, (and call me sad) but I can't wait for Ted to have a garden, he loves rolling around in the grass and basking in the sun.. Life of a dog owner, eh? 🙈
Walkies around the island on my lunch break to the dog park.. But no dogs to play with for poor Ted 🐶
I can't even put into words how ill I am 😭 and this poor boy too (even George!) feeling totally miserable and stressed, and not knowing what's up with my poor pup is making it even worse 😔 #sendhelp #cansomeonecookdinner?
Can I go back to bed yet? I don't want to adult today. I feel like sh*t, and Teddy has decided he is going to be a little sh*t since he's perked up again... I.e peeing on my sofa!! 😱 not like I had enough to clean today dog.. I just wanna go back to bed 😩
Such an amazing day at the @birchboxUK Summer Party! We had our very own #GBBBO (yeah Birchbox bake off!) 🍋 The task was to make a genoise sponge, but take flavourings and treats from the treat rack and make it our own.. we went for Lemon Meringue and it was so yum it won! 🍋🍋🍋
Goodnight y'all 🐶
I'm so tired, 2 days off spent doing housework and having a sort out.. Like you know that draw that you stuff everything into? 🙄 why do we do it!! About to have a soak in the bath, treating myself to a Horlicks and then getting ready for back to work tomorrow.. Summer party though 🎉
What do you mean you're selling MY home? This is my favourite spot, after my other favourite spot! I'm staying!