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This is the first day since we’ve moved that I’ve stayed in bed past 7am! Just chilling in bed with Ted thinking about what I need to do today. Yesterday I finished white washing the living room, and we got our stove installed.. I LOVE it - especially with the new marble hearth 😍 today’s job is to sand the skirting and doors/doorframes and paint the ceiling... carpet guy coming to price up on Tuesday, cannot wait for cosy evenings in here.. and well, to just have a place to relax 🙈
Teddy says Saturdays are for snoozin’ 💤 he’s really settled into his new home, and this morning after coming down for his toilet he ran straight back upstairs and took himself back to bed (our bed.. he thinks it’s his) which works for me, I can get my work done in peace 😜
Ready to be HERE 🛁 in the bathroom of dreams! I literally swoon over the tiles every time I walk in here. Although it’s pretty much perfect, I want to change the tiles that are above the sink (and also the sink) and in the shower.. they’re just like a slate grey, and although not offensive in any way.. I just think some subway tiles would make this room look extra 💪🏼 we had our bathroom mirror arrive today (thank the Lord, it’s been a nightmare without one) and I really want a long reclaimed beam /shelf high above the bath with lots of greenery 😍 I’ll share some more photos with you soon.. we’ve got a plasterer coming in next week so operation living room can commence.. TOO excited to get that room done 🙌🏼 happy Thursday everybody 😘
Just shy of a week in, and I’m SO happy 🙌🏼 the kitchen and bathroom are practically perfect with the exception of accessories and perhaps a change of tiles (on the walls, not the floor!) in the bathroom.. and despite living like squatters in the living room and no furniture.. I’m so much more stress free. It’s just so quiet here, and with all the rooms there’s just so much more room to just breath. Teddy has also settled into house life so well, and we’ve already noticed a change in him. He’s so much more calmer (apart from jumping and barking at new noises.. but he’ll get used to them) and is in love with his new garden! He just sits by the door crying to go out haha. Anyway, I’m rambling now.. bottom line I’m SUPER happy to be here and so excited to get decorating and for our furniture to arrive... exciting times ahead! 🎉 p.s that picture is just hiding a nail already there 😂
Taking a break.. making the most of having a Starbucks literally on our doorstep for the last few days.. and taking Ted for one of his last few walks around the Marina, I will definitely miss this view⛵️
This boy, he’s not going to know what’s hit him in the new house - he’ll have a garden all to himself! It’s currently just started to snow and he’s longing to go outside.. not long boy 🐶💙
I need some help! We need to find a bed.. I’ve tried my usual sites but I’m feeling un-inspired and really unsure of what we want. Can you tag / comment your usual furniture sites as I’m losing the will to live without one 🙈
Flowers on my feed to celebrate 🙌🏼 roll on next Friday.. our new home adventure begins 🌸
📸 - @lafleur_flower
Too excited to move and take delivery of this bad boy! We’re in the very final stages.. This ottoman is going to sit in our bay window in the living room.. and will no doubt become Ted’s fave hangout to bellow at passers by 🙄😂 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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On a scale of 1-10 how weird is it to bring your dog a blanket when he naps? 🤔😂 my back is killing today, I haven’t sat down for more than 5 mins just packing and moving boxes around! We’re like at that weird in between stage where we’re not totally living out of boxes.. but we’re defo living in them.. and also on a mattress on the floor... did I mention the part where my back hurts? 🙈 #nopainnogain
One from the weekend.. my beautiful niece Poppy and her buddy Ted 💕 she used to just call him over, and then run away.. but she’s so much braver now and has the biggest smile when she sees him. And whenever she sees me the first thing she says is... “Paige!!!... Ted?” so we sit and look through his photos and videos to see him. She’s such a cutie!!
Just my ring getting some great airtime at @birchboxuk 💍✨ and of course, this Lord & Berry Blush is 👌🏼 you get a full-size Blusher Crayon in one of two shades (your choice) in your January box! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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