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One last blossom photo before they are all gone
Love what's on the longarm today @seattlemqg
#seattlemqggiving ❤✂
Thank you to @circa15fabricstudio for the #konapinkflamingo and wide #rhodaruth back  #machinequilting with circuit path from #digitechpatterns 
#konapinkflamingo #konacoty2017❤
Animal cuteness in the sewing room today ✂❤ #machinequilting Kris's baby quilts w dragons breath and  popcorn
Giant pineapple is on the  wall 
Symbolizes welcome, good cheer, warmth and affection between all who dwell in the home ❤ 
Inspired by a mini from @quilt_gma 
Pattern from @jackiepadeskyquilts
 milo monday
Stitch by stich she pieced her soul and tied off all the loose threads???? How perfect is this for my back and binding?
@violetcraft #Christmasonbrambleberryridge ❤✂
Breathe on the world
Hold out your hands to it
When mornings and evenings roll along
Watch how they open and close
How they invite you to this long party that is your life
Green is my favorite color today 💚 
My favorite part coming right  up 💛✂ But first we are getting out for a  hike on this beautiful  sunny day
Happy Friday
recommending a spring walk thru the garden @willowslodgewa 💚
#doubletrouble #doublelove
Ready to for me, one for a friend ✂❤ Giant pineapples 36 by 48"
Inspired by a mini from @quilt_gma 💛 
Pattern from @jackiepadeskyquilts 🍍💛
Favorite light of the day with my favorite little guy ❤