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I struggled with this stuck a few times  but here it is...I am calling it done ✂
Thanks for the challenge @aquilterstable #improvstripesqal
Milo the boomerang magician ❤
Best codfish and chips for $8.99 @thelaconnerpubandeatery 
And i love his hat ❤
Slowest stitches ever...not even close 
#homeward #roadapplique 
started way back in February ✂✂✂ Block eight #lollipoptrees #kimmcleanpattern
walking and walking #whiterockbccanada
#clotheslines #whiterock 
One of my favorite things❤
Operation kirkland/whiterock house swap complete ✔🚙 🏘💚
Finished up cindy's quilts 
The sea life panel quilt is done w bubbles ftom #willowleafstudio 
The kimona quilt is done w clamshell petals from #digitechdesigns 
#lovemyjob ✂❤
Gotta love neighborhood libraries ❤
Perfect book for miNO @sam.cold 
No David by David Shannon
He loves it ✂❤