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I am a puppet lady.

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Winning at scarves. Losing at using monitors. 🎬
HAPPY RETIREMENT to this rare bird! 💛💚 #carollspinney #bigbird
Girls Gone Vaudeville!! This Saturday at @bobbakermarionettes.
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The line up for Witches in Vaudeville this Saturday October 20th is Wicked! Get your tickets before they are gone! #vaudeville #womeninvaudeville #bobbakermarionettetheater #puppets #varietyshow
#bunnylove 🐰❤️🎥👌
Catch this dream team on the cover of the next issue of Puppet Films Magazine! (Not real. I know, I wish too) 🧦🧦🧦🐰❤️
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Wrapped shooting in Sonoma for "Bunny Love". Back to LA; back to the grind! Pictured (l to r) Annett Mateo, Pam Severns, me, and Alex Griffin. #handmadepuppetdreams #bunnylove #puppetfilm
“This is what I’d drink if I were sitting in an oak barrel.” - @samkojihale
🐰❤️🎥 #tinyslate #handmadepuppetdreams
Oh hey there I’m directing a thing. #handmadepuppetdreams #silentfilm
Did a dancey puppet number on a dancey tango show at a Scientology place tonight. ‘Twas a delight but Sir Majesty Captain Tom Cruise was nowhere in sight. #cabarettango #tomcruisewhereareyou
Throwback something something to me time traveling to be in a film with Charlie Chaplin in 1928. #thecircus #mernakennedy #charliechaplin 💕🎥
Let’s all try to bring a little more joy into the world, ok? #imeanreally
Puppet ladies are my favorite ladies. 🧦 More importantly, happy birthday @michelleruffvo1! 💜🦄 #mythuggiepony @melissamadfx